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Jim Evans

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 32383


If you require a QSL card for 8Q7EJ please use the OQRS Service of Clublog. for Direct or Bureau Cards. I will also reply to direct cards received by normal mail. I am not collecting QSL cards for 8Q7EJ.

Updated - 2017-05-06

The 17m band seems to be in and out of the limit of MUF here. I find I have a few minutes of good signals and then nothing and no spots on the RBN for many minutes. There is a short opening to the USA from 12:00 to 13:00 but my noise level means even the best equipped stations are a struggle to hear.

There will be a shorter period of operation on 06 May and on 07 May because of the requirement to dismantle the antenna before dark.

The 17m band is best for CW between 10:00 and 13:00 UTC. There is a lot of QSB (and QRN). It may take several attempts to get a call. Very occasionally a strong signal booms out of the noise. If I send "FB SIGS" you are one of those signals. Congratulations!

I try to upload all QSOs to LoTW and Clublog after the band goes dead at 13:30. Some uploads may be delayed by intermittent internet availability. Uploads should normally occur within 24 hours.

Now - hope for an increase in SFI to improve propagation and the QSO rate of about 40 an hour.

I shall deal with OQRS QSL requests on my return to UK.

JT65 - 2017-04-30

Apologies to anyone who called me on JT65 yesterday (29th) and did not get a reply. I saw several calls that I could not reply to in the time available. JT65 is a mode I do not use frequently. No doubt more experience would allow me to cut out one cycle without invalidating the QSO. But four or five minutes for a QSO from a DX location does not seem a good use of time if other modes are working. JT65 did allow me to evaluate the noise level and notice although I was running 25W I was giving poorer reports than I received by as much as 10dB. This shows my noise problem.

JT65 showed I was hearing G, GM and EI stations.After 33 QSOs in 4 hours, with a short lunch break and a wipe out from Radar, I moved to CW. Although you may want a digital mode or JT65 QSO with 8Q7, I think my time is best spent trying for as many CW QSOs as possible if the QRN and propagation allows it.

The story so far:

After checking with the hotel management, I put up a 14MHz vertical with one elevated radial on Wednesday 26-04-2017. The noise level was S7 to S8 in a SSB bandwidth and I heard very little.I worked one UR on CW and one UN7 on RTTY with very poor copy. I also decoded some JT65 and sent reports to the pskreporter website. A few test calls on CW produced RBN spots into ES and OH which suggeested there were possibilities of working some "DX", had I been able to hear better.

A check on 17m suggested that the noise level was still high but two S-points down. I retuned the vertical for 17m on Saturday (29th). I started by decoding JT65 to see what S/N ratios I was getting, The results and apologies are above!

CW proved better once those with beams found me, but the QSO rate is lower than I would like (and no doubt lower than you would like). I made exactly 100 QSOs in 1hour and 50 minutes until the band closed at my sunset (13:10UTC).

Signals are weak; there is QSB and flutter and signals are in that noise. It often takes several repeats to be sure of the call. It seems that there are still a few who do not assume that a DX station will quickly go "Split" - UP as soon as a they are known about.

I do not like wide pile ups and will try to retain the pile-up to 1-2kHz, only going above that for an easily heard strong signal.

I'm looking forward to the next few days when all the operation will now be on 17m

General Information:

Bureau QSL Cards:

I am not collecting QSL cards for 8Q7EJ. I have achieved DXCC via LoTW and do not need paper cards. Please do not send me a card via the Bureau. If you require a QSL card for 8Q7EJ please only use the OQRS Service of Clublog

If your QSO does not show in the online log at Clublog then contact me with the QSO details and I will determine why the QSO is missing.


This week, I have, written and posted all cards received via the Bureau. They have been sent out as follows:

JA cards - 700gm direct to JARL Bureau
Rest of World - 650gm via RSGB bureau

This has been possible through the label printing facility within Clublog. Thanks to Michael and the team for this excellent piece of software.

Future trips to 8Q7

After the noise problems on the last trip, I was less enthusiatic about another radio trip to 8Q7. I hope to operate from Vilamendhoo again at the end of April 2017. 10m and 12m saved the day in 2014, but that is unlkely to happen again, I shall try 17m, 20m and if the antenna will permit it, 30m


QSL Policy - Updated Info

Contact me if you do not receive your direct card in a reasonable time. Allowing for Bureau delays, you can also expect bureau cards to be sent (see below).

LOTW: My preferred method of confirmation is, and always has been LOTW, but that is mainly useful for DXCC awards.

Direct Cards: by post and by OQRS - the intention is that these are written and posted once each week.

Bureau Cards: Please do not send cards via the Bureau. I do not need them. Use OQRS as above. New requests by OQRS and any remaining cards received through the incoming bureau will be printed and posted to the outgoing RSGB bureau every six months. Incoming cards are received only every three months.

Bureau Cards already received: I have now printed labels for all QSOs with any station from which I have received a bureau card. I have now cleared the backlog of bureau cards up to 2017-01-14 (my last delivery).

Subject to bureau delay, you should receive a bureau card for any valid QSO where you have sent me a card or an OQRS request.

"Not In Log"

If I receive a card for a contact that is not in my log, I shall attempt to email you with information if available. For most of the operations, I have audio recordings and can check why you think we had a contact. I have received some cards claiming a QSO for a date when I was not in 8Q7. Usually they are ignored; in exceptional circumstances I shall email you.

Other On-Line Logs

I shall not upload the 8Q7EJ logs to any logging services other than LOTW and ClubLog. In the near future, ClubLog will be used to validate IOTA so even less reason to have paper cards.

Pictures from Vilamendhoo March 2014

Our "garden shed on stilts" which acts as "the shack" is the fourth one from the left and is about 300m out to sea from the high tide mark. The rig screen shows the continuous noise level on 14MHz with the Pre-Amp OFF!

Pictures of the May 2013 set up on Kommandoo - MJ65RL

20m VDA antenna on the deck of our Water Villa looking East to the sunrise. We are about 150m out to sea.

Pictures of the October 2011 set up on Vilamendhoo - MJ63LP

The stationThe 'Shack'

The Antenna and Ocean

The antenna, right on the sea wall on the north shore.

Pictures of the October 2009 set up on Vilamendhoo - MJ63LP

The antenna, in a small tree about 25m from the tide line on the north shore.


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