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QSL: 9A5AX ,9A4J


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e-qsl: NO
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lookups: 5887

Special anniversary callsign
On the occasion of 60 years in the world of

amateur radio

In 1957. in Radio club Dubrovnik, a group of friends entered, students from Dubrovnik highschool. Some of them stayed briefly, some of them longer...
Two of them, stayed till today, for 60 years now.
Tom-9A2AA and I, Josip 9A5AX.
We became and we remained radio amateurs, friends, brothers, ...for life.

Thank you all, for every QSO, for every drop of satisfaction I felt.

During 2012 I used callsign 9A55AX (see the page at
All QSL-s are sent either directly or trough the bureau. Quite a few of them came back... I am sorry.
If someone needs prefix 9A55, call me, i still have cards.
I prefer QSL paper.


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