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Kazimierz Animucki

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It was so beautifull country so I decided to visit Nepal again mostly for trek and taking rest. I will take low power radio and verticals to operate on HF in vacation style. Tickets and licence in the pocket.

Period between 16-31 March 2017

Log loaded to LotW 4th APR2017


Previously active:

14-30 OCT 2016

Log loaded to LotW 11th NOV 2016

Directs received and answered before 6th Dec 2016:

4x1sk eu1fq ja3fgj oe1alw
bv1el f8awe ja8eia oe3whc
ct1eky g4pwa je1big oh3gbs
df1ols hb9bem je1hrc om3xx
df3ao hb0cc je3grq pa0bwl
dk3dg in3ygw jh1lzu py2knk
dl2awg i4kdj jh4dyp sp7ice
dl8ui ja1fui jh8cxw sp9uh
dl9ms ja1hgy jl3dgi sq5ovl
ea2bnu ja1hom jo1grr sq9ach
ea5by ja1jcq jp3azm vk3ga
ea6lp ja2ahh jr1wct yo8raw
ja2lwa jr3uic yo8saw

Next batch of directs received and answered before 28th of Jan2017:

dj3vi ja2xyo
ea7tv ja5dfx
i1apq ja9kbs
ik0lnn je3mtq
ja1jej jg8iby
ja2fsu jk1tcv


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