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QSL: LoTW, for hardcopy qsl manager is LZ3HI

Dr. Tevfik Aydin "Tev" KAZANCIOGLU

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lookups: 3782 DX Code of Conduct please by the rules for QSL Card LZ3HI the QSL Manager

TA1HZ, Tev, will be active from CN- Ksar Es Sghiras CN2HZ for the week of WAE DX SSB Contest 2017. He will be accompanied by TA7AZC Golkem who will on the air as CN2ZC. QSL cards for CN2HZ should be via LZ3HI, qsl manager. Log will be uploaded to LoTW after return to TA. Any hardcopy request to qsl manager please.

We will be working with a Yaesu FT-991 running barefoot 100w into awindom wire antenna from the "shack" @ Ksar es Sghir. The qth looks like having a bad hill towards the south and west so SA/Africa might be troublesome but come on, folks, we are there for the WAE DX Contest, Europe will be our main target during the contest. And for the other times, let us see what will RF tricks show us :) .

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