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I will return to Vanuatu from 6th July until 13th July 2017. Same QTH however this time I'll be using a CrankIR antenna, I will also have the use of Rod YJ8RN's AL811H amplifier which should improve the signals.

Propagation guides can be found on the VOACAP DX Charts page - thanks Jari.

Again, we'll be taking supplies and gifts to the children at the Little Lights Preschool in Mele Village. This is a really rewarding part of our trip and one we both look forward to. This year we'll be taking soccer and rugby balls, a parachute and milk powder.

The new 811A's have arrived for Rod's amp, my dxped kit is packed and we are ready to go! See you on the bands.

I'm happy to accomodate skeds for ATNOs where I can. Send me an email and we'll try to work it out. Note that we don't have wifi internet access in the villa, so it is only checked a couple of times each day.

Wereturned to Vanuatu from 7th July - 14 July 2016. QTH wasBenjor Beach Club again. We had a great time,sawall our local friends and hadmany more QSOs as YJ0GA. As in previous years, any surplus funds/donations from OQRS or Direct QSLs will be donated to a childrens charity in Vanuatu -This trip wetook10kg of milk powder and a couple of boxes of industrial strength sticking plasters for the kids at the Little Lights Preschooland really enjoyed our visit there. Search for Vanuatu Preschool Project on Facebook for photos and more info.

This trip doubled as our 25th wedding anniversay celebration - my XYL extraordinaire, Francie, is a great help setting up antennas and equipment and offering sound advice to problems as they arise. We look forward to the next 25 years!

All QSOs have been uploaded to Clublog and LoTW. If you have a log query, feel free to email me quoting callsign, band, mode and time.

All Direct and Buro QSL cards have been processed and sent for the 2015 operation. The surplus QSL funds have beendonated to help with the provision of food and water for the people of Tanna who are suffering from Cyclone damage combined with a lack of rain due to El Nino. See here for details and how you can help

We hada great trip to Vanuatu in July 2015.>1300 QSOs in the log which are now all on Clublog andLoTW. Clublog OQRS is enabled and I appreciate the donations that have come in already. We will be donating ALLsurplus funds to a church group that isbuilding a new pre-school in Mele village. They are training local teachers as well and aredoing great work for the children of Vanuatu. We met the two young Australian teachers running the program, Rachel and Hannah, on Children's Day (Friday 24th July). The whole village turned out to have a day of music, fun and sports (cricket, soccer, hockey and basketball).We took5kg of whole milk powder with us as a donation as the children are showing symptoms ofa lack of protein and calcium. They were very pleased to receive this and we'll take more next time we go. We were priveleged tovisitthe pre-school at Saama on the northern part of the island where they have been training teachers. The children sang for us and were utterly charming.

QSL cards kindly sponsored byGennady UX5UO.

I wasactive again as YJ0GA from 21-27July 2015 from the same Benjor Beach Club QTH.

Radio setup was the same as last year, FT-450Dand a 31' vertical antenna nearthe beach. Callsign isYJ0GA. Itry to use the same frequencies we used at YJ0X last year +-QRM

All QSLs will be handled by me: LoTW, Buro or Direct (OQRSenabled on Clublog)- see QSL info below. Anydirect QSL donations abovethe cost of postage will be donated to acharity in Vanuatu that is helping the children recover from Cyclone Pam. More details when we get back but the card will be courtesy of UX5UO Print, Thanks Gennady!

Efate Island, Vanuatu 25-27 July 2014

Operation was on 40-10m using a vertical antenna and 100W. I also put in a SOAB LP Mixed effort in the IOTA contest however results were poor with only 56 contest QSOs. Not sure why but I will check it out. I had much more luck on the WARC bands, most contacts were made on 17m and 30m.

This was primarily a recce trip ahead of the full YJ0X Dxpedition in October 2014 so there were long periods during the day when I was not on air. We had a great time, got all the recce work done and made some QSOs too.

QSL via LoTW/Buro/Clublog OQRS/Direct via ZL3GA.

Clublog OQRS is enabled, please request Buro cards via this method(don't send me one via the buro as well!).

Any OQRS/direct QSL donations abovethe cost of postage will be donated to acharity in Vanuatu that is helping the children recover from Cyclone Pam

Direct cards need1 new style IRC or USD$3and SAEplease. Please note, if you are sending an envelope with NZ stamps affixed, the rate for international airmail increased to NZD$2.70 on 1 July 2016. Direct cards received without sufficient funds/IRC will be replied to via the Buro.


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