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425 DX News issue #1391

DXCC prefix: I - Italy

ARI Fidenza will use a series of special callsigns throughout 2018 to honour twelve of "the most eminent scientists who have given a fundamental contribution to the theoretical, experimental and technological development of the Radio Communications technology": II4MXW (James Clerk Maxwell) in January, II4HRZ (Heinrich Rudolf Hertz) in February, II4CAO (Temistocle Calzecchi Onesti) in March, II4MAR (Guglielmo Marconi) in April, II4TES (Nikola Tesla) in May, II4AMP (Andre-Marie Ampere) in June, II4COU (Charles-Augustin de Coulomb) in July, II4VOL (Alessandro Volta) in August, II4LNZ (Heinrich Lenz) in September, II4OER (Hans Christian Orsted) in October, II4HNR (Joseph Henry) in November and II4FRD (Michael Faraday) in December. See www.arifidenza.it/ for complete information on the "Science Milestones in the History of Radio Award". QSLs via IQ4FE, bureau or direct. [TNX IK4CIE]

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