Call: K6LL
Station: K6LL

Added: 30/Jan/2011
Operating time: 16

Total:  QSOs = 650  State/Prov = 57  Countries = 31  
Total Score = 152,768 Club: Soapbox: I had intended to operate for just a
few hours, but conditions seemed quite
good, and I was having fun, so I put
in a little more time. I was
connected to the two Utah Skimmers,
but neither one covered above 1835. I
had to do S&P manually above 1835 -
the horror! My local QRN didn't seem
as bad as usual, and I seemed to be
getting out pretty well, compared to
my previous feeble attempts on
160. Before the contest, I put up an
Inverted-L, with one resonant raised
radial, but it didn't work as well as
my old setup, a half-sloper, so I went
with the sloper. For some reason N1MM
had the identical time stamp on the
first 15 QSO's, and counted them all
as multipliers. Maybe it was rfi from
the new antenna - who knows? I
counted the mults from the statistics
file, so the numbers above should be
ok. Maybe the checkers will cut me
some slack on scoring the first 15
QSO's. I will plead for mercy. The 16
hour op time is inflated. I was in
and out of the shack a lot, doing
other things. I didn't set the clock
for the morning opening to the
Pacific, but did get up in time to
work a few JAs and a UA9. I was
really amazed at the Eu opening on
Saturday night. It was quite easy to
work the loudest stations, S&P of
course. I worked all 50 states, but
missed all the Maritime provinces,
except for VO1 and PEI, and I also
missed all the VE8-types. QSO
breakdown: Country QSOs C6 3 CE 1
CT 1 CU 1 DL 1 EA 2 EA8 1 EI 3 ES 1
F 1 G 6 GD 2 HA 1 HI 1 JA 4 K 563
KH6 5 KL 2 KP2 2 KP4 1 OK 1 OM 1 ON 1
OZ 1 P4 1 PA 1 PJ2 1 S5 1 UA2 1 UA9 2
VE 33 VP9 1 XE 3 Total 650