Call: K3TN
Station: K3TN

Added: 31/Jan/2011
Operating time: 5

Total:  QSOs = 240  State/Prov = 50  Countries = 22  
Total Score = 61,000 Club: Soapbox: The Washington DC area had a wet
snowstorm the Wednesday before the
contest that knocked power out to more
than 100,000 homes. Our house had
power until Friday at local noon, when
they cut power to our neighborhood to
repair the wires in an adjacent
blacked out area. Coincidentally, my
new Windows 7 shack PC was repaired
(bad RAM module) and I had picked it
up Thursday PM, intending on getting
it reconnected on Friday after work -
but no power. So, when I got home from
taking the XYL out to dinner Friday
night and found the blacked-out house
now had lights, I reconnected the new
PC, started up all the contesting
software, tuned everything up to 160M,
worked a station, hit enter - and
promptly got a blue screen of
death. Many aarghs and crashes and
restarts later I had about 100 QSOs in
the log but decided the PC was
obviously *not* fixed and was going
back to Microcenter in the morning. I
wasn't planning on getting back on but
I woke up in the middle of the night
Sunday am and decided to go down to
the shack, reconnected the old PC and
get on. I had forgotten to dump the
N1MM log from the dead PC, so I
started a new log and decided I would
just run to avoid dupes. Had lots of
fun, with some EU calling in. Running
without really caring about score is
liberating when you someone tries to
steal the frequency. I had a nice rate
going when a repeat offender plopped
down 100 hz up (too close even with my
K3) and ignored my repeated QRL, PSE
QSY. The rate plummeted but I didn't
really care - my non-F1 hand was
getting lots of paper work done until
I outlasted the intruder. The rate
boinked right back up - seemed like
great conditions to EU but really poor
conditions to the Caribbean and SA
this time. EF8M was as loud as US
stations at times.