Call: W4EF
Station: W4EF

Added: 01/Feb/2011
Operating time: 06:10

Total:  QSOs = 310  State/Prov = 54  Countries = 26  
Total Score = 72,640 Club: Soapbox: Rig: Omni 6+ Amp: Drake L-7 TX
Antenna: 56' top-loaded vertical RX
Antenna: RX 4 square I had intended
to do a more serious effort, but I
caught a pretty wicked cold Friday so
I decided my time would be better
spent leisurely doing some much needed
work in the shack and on the antennas
(as well as resting). My homebrew copy
of W8JI's RX 4 Square is starting to
play finally (a corroded fastener on
one of the elements was causing big
problems), but the element tuning is
still off about 100 to 200 KHz.
Hopefully, once I take a few turns off
the matching inductors and get the
feedpoint impedance down close to 75
+j0 the array will really come into
its own. Except for calling YE1C at
sunrise on Saturday morning (to no
avail), I didn't start operating until
0400 UTC on Saturday night.
Fortunately, this coincided with a
good opening to Europe so I was able
to work a decent helping of 10 point
multipliers including 3 all-time new
160M DXCC countries. After Europe
faded around 0800 UTC, so did I. I
woke up around 1130 UTC and gave it
another go spurred on by my desire to
find Oklahoma, Mississippi, Delaware
and complete WAS. I found AA1K in
Delaware, but missed OK and MS. By
1300 UTC my cold symptoms made
sleeping seem like a much more
attractive option than working the
contest, so I once again QSYed to the
couch for another two hours. I got up
again at sunrise in hopes of one last
shot at YE1C, but the band was in
really bad shape such that the few
loud JAs I did hear were CQing in my
face. In fact, it was so bad that I
looked out the window to see if the
high winds from the night before had
toppled my TX antenna. At that point I
think seeing the antenna on the ground
would have made me happier as at least
then I would have a good excuse for
being so weak :-) See you all next
year. Mike W4EF........