Call: K3ZM
Station: K3ZM

Added: 27/Feb/2011
QTH: Virginia
Operating time: 30

Total:  QSOs = 1280  State/Prov = 57  Countries = 67  
Total Score = 602,888 Club: Soapbox: Achieved the coveted WAB award
(insider's version) by working nephew
Patrick, K6AAX; K2DM; and K1ZM. This
year's claimed score is 20% above my
personal best, but others did better.
My friends at K1LZ checked in before
sunrise on Saturday and were
significantly ahead. By the same time
Sunday morning, they were up by 100K
points. Well done, LZ units! You
DEMilish. I expect some other big
scores, as well. Worked 115 EU's the
first night, then even more on
Saturday night. Sunset opening on
Saturday to EU produced little.
Things picked up after midnight zulu.
Total of 241 EU QSO's by the end.
Thanks to all you guys for calling
in. Atmospheric noise cooperated
enough so that few contacts were
hindered. Perhaps some of the weakest
stations were occasionally affected.
Lots of West Coast contacts on the
first night. I actually was able to
stay in the lower part of the band on
Friday night. However, I had to move
up to the nose-bleed section on
Saturday night to run EU as their
sunrise approached. That is where the
majority of my EU contacts took place.
I had to go all the way up to 1981.
While doing so, I passed many
substantive US stations above 1900
running EU. I now call this part of
the band Club NT, named after our
Contest Director, who encourages us to
spread out. It certainly seems to be
catching on. Say - why don't we
huddle up around 1980 instead of
always living down on 1820? The
antennas are 10% smaller, it is
farther from the AM Broadcast band,
and the conditions are closer to those
of 80 meters. Okay, just
kidding. About ten more countries
than last year. Missed SD, VE5, VO2
and the mystical VE8 stuff. Never
worked GM3 or GI3. Special thanks to
the XYL for being such a good sport
and letting me put up an enormous
tower that is not quite but almost
directly in the way of the view of the
water. I told her to think of it as a
tall, slender tree, planted by the
arborists at Hudson Valley
Towers. 73, Peter K3ZM