Call: WD5COV
Station: WD5COV

Added: 28/Feb/2011
QTH: New Mexico
Operating time: 26

Total:  QSOs = 1029  State/Prov = 58  Countries = 54  
Total Score = 317,744 Club: Soapbox: We were expecting lots of wind both
days during the contest. It seems the
storm passed to the north so static
levels stayed low here. I learned
from the 160 CW contest that I should
use the SW direstion more as I did not
make one contact with VK or ZL in that
contest. So it was nice to log 3 ZL
stations and 6 VK stations in this
contest. Not much activity elsewhere
in the Pacific with only 2 Hawaii
stations in the log and NH2T in
Guam. Spent some time each night S &
P to work some new mults. It was fun
breaking the pile-up to work ED9NA.
Condx were best just after EU sunrise
here. Thanks to all the US ops who
stood by as I ask only for EU. As it
turned out, I only worked 40 EU
stations. I know I missed many
callers. Next year with a long
beverage to EU I hope to do
better. Worked all states the first
night and ended up with all NA mults
but LB, PE, NWT, YT, and NU. My only
qso with DC was W3DQ. 64 VE's went in
the log. US state leaders for me were:
CA 100, TX 58, WA 43, OH 40, Il 37, AZ
34, and MN and OR 31 each. Equipment
used: Yaesu FT1000MP, Alpha 77Dx Amp,
Ant: Full size 4SQ array Thanks for
all who called in and sorry for the
ones I could not pull out. Believe me
I tried. CU next year. 73, Dave