Call: KV4FZ
Station: KV4FZ

Added: 03/Mar/2011
QTH: United States Virgin
Operating time: 23.5

Total:  QSOs = 513  State/Prov = 55  Countries = 51  
Total Score = 312,382 Club: Soapbox: My plans this year to get a better
score paid off with 100K better than
last year....but the plan to
concentrate on EU 10 points was a
mistake. Few were there who could
hear me through the EU splatter wall
even though I move up the band to 1850
and above. Even S&P was a waste of
time as I called KI7MT for about an
hour and he just could not get my
call. I got him on night two but
forgot to realize that a half a dozen
super stations with QRO could take out
the whole lower portion of the band.
What amazed me was that Asiatic
Stations like UK9AA, UK9AAN, RA9CMO
and P33W could work me with ease when
closer Eu's could not hear me. UK9AA
is in rare Uzbekistan more than 7000
miles away and i got him before any
other EU's were worked. (He called
me!) Even ZL3IX at 8665 miles was no
problem....but....I just could not log
a single PA, F, LY, OE, GW, GI, YU,
HB, SM or SV even ON4UN could not hear
me. D4C was stonger than most Na
station is but I could not hear him
the second night at all! All the long
distance stations I worked were well
out of the splatter curtain zone.
Another bummer was no SD, VT or VE5
were heard. It was all very
frustrating and not much I could do
about it. The Eu run I had counted on
both nights, or even for one night,
never a happened. The PJ stations who
are getting 10m points per every Q and
are closer to most of the US than
myself where doing well to Western
Europe and had significant piles from
the mainland USA. Again I tried my
best to finish at least in the top 10
but after a while I saw that this was
hopeless. I did work some new 160 SSB
countries but since I am not chasing
that at all, I guess I will have to
resort to giving out VI Q's as those
in the 10 point only region can make
me look like a whip with 100 watts
from a hotel and a dipole on the roof!