Call: KB4KBS
Station: KB4KBS

Added: 21/Aug/2011
Operating time: 10 HRS

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    0     0
   80:   35    18
   40:  135    32
   20:   64    30
   15:   11     8
   10:    0     0
Total:  245    88  
Total Score = 21,560 Club: Soapbox: During the NAQP SSB Contest I signed
with the name "ABBY". This was to pay
tribute to a precious little seven
year-old girl who lost her five-year
battle against cancer this past
Wednesday, August 17th, at 9:02 PM.
Abigail Grace Smith (aka Abby) was
diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain
tumor at the age of 23 months old on
March 3, 2006. She was, even in the
midst of her illness, a sweet angel
with a mischievous smile and a loving
heart. Her family attended my church
and I was blessed to know Abby. My
heart is broken. Please remember her
parents and her older brother and
sister as they deal with this loss. I
really wanted to do well in this event
and feel like I did OK but could have
done better. I had an OK start as I
bounced from 15M to 20M trying to
establish a run on 15, but never
could. My first two hours were 29 and
25, but hour three and four were in
the high teens. This was mostly due
to band hopping. I went to 40M early
to reserve a plum spot, but ended up
getting bullied by "Bubba Nets" that
were 3.5kHz wide. I did my best to
hold my frequency and be a gentleman
also, but it appears that I really
can't do both. I went to 80M early
also, and grabbed a few quick mults,
but that band was very dry so I bailed
back to 40 and did some S&P while
trying to find a nook or crevice that
I could shoehorn into without
disturbing the Bubbas. My goal was to
run at a 30 rate, and I actually did
it for a while but my poor band move
decisions really caused havoc. I
finished with a respectable (for my
set up and skill level) 24.5 total
rate, which is a good mark to grow
from. Thank you to all for the
contacts, and thank you for the kind
comments regarding Abby. Her memorial
service will be Sunday
afternoon. 73, Scott, KB4KBS