Call: KI6VC
Station: KI6VC

Added: 22/Aug/2011
QTH: Cal City
Operating time: 10

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    1     1
   80:   28     9
   40:  131    31
   20:  245    47
   15:   78    31
   10:    0     0
Total:  483   119  
Total Score = 57,477 Club: Soapbox: Station: IC 756ProII, 40 ~ 10 4ele
SteppIR @ 55Ft, 80~160 Sloper Software
N1MM 10.6.4 Random Thoughts: The
bands were/coulda been good but for
the NOISE!! 15 was 10 over, 20/40 not
much better. The bands were open with
DX way louder than eastcoast. Worked
several EU stations. Missed my goal
of 600 then with 2 hrs to go missed
hope for 500. Shoulda done all 10 hrs
on just 20/40. There was a an hour
or two the runs were so good thought I
would make my goal +++ but couldn't
keep them going. Enjoyed being mob'ed
by HI on 40 as nite fall hit the
island. They had rock'en signals.
Also worked a W6/8 remote from JA!
Best of all, I was the first HF
contest Q first Q ever for a newbie
who just got his ticket a few days
ago. As for a WAS, I missed VT, ME, ND
and AK. Went about contest prep a
little different. Normal was sleep
way late, putz around, take it EZ then
contest. This time it was up early,
double workout with the free weights
with cave mantenace between sets, At
sunrise took Sparky for 3 mile power
walk...that paid dividends!! A nap
and shower just before the
bell...worked very well. The Lad were
happy with my sniper-war against the
bunnies and have excepted the Quail
who replaced them. A few mondo
rawhide rolls and a drawer full of
Pup-Peroni kept the boys happy. Just
stuff those pie-holes every dozen Qs
or so and all are happy. A note to
the K6Z crew...these boys can be
bought off!! 73 KI6VC Meko&Sparky
RF cures Global Warming...Save the