Call: WO7V
Station: WO7V

Added: 31/Oct/2011
Class: SOAB HP
Operating time: 15

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    0     0        0
   80:    4     3        2
   40:   11     7        2
   20:  118    19       51
   15:  151    28       66
   10:  174    25       54
Total:  458    82      180  
Total Score = 347,412 Club: Soapbox: Conditions were generally very good.
The 10 meter band proved to be the
heavy lifter which is very unusual
compared to past contests. The
higher bands crapped out earlier than
I had expected. The lower bands were
very poor. Actually somewhere between
substandard and shitty! The thing I
like about band conditions is you can
only predict them with in about a foot
and a half. It's really a crap shoot
which is probably what makes the
contests more interesting. I picked
up a few new ones. I hope they all use
lotw as I'm to cheap to send out the
cards! The cq ww ssb is really the
big Kahuna of contests. It was my
first back in a previous life when we
all used vacuum tubes, and we liked
it! Getting used to using my amp,
antenna tuner and my beam antenna, and
last but not least, the flex radio
(who needs knobs anyway). In this
contest, you really need an amp. I
knew somebody the tried to do this
contest without an amp, but the a
bunch of farrel lids threw him into
the mosh pit, never to be seen again.
I wonder what happened to old Housley
anyway? He would made a good Elmer
but he would never change his name!
The thing I like about cq's tests is
that you get 2 full days to work them.
Perhaps they should go for an even
week at 168 hours. Or even better
yet, how about a year at 8760 hours.
That would really make a man out of