Call: W3UA
Station: W3UA

Added: 31/Oct/2011
Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating time: 40

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   18     7       11
   80:  246    20       71
   40:  566    26      103
   20:  659    34      101
   15:  911    33      108
   10: 1079    30      110
Total: 3479   150      504  
Total Score = 6,601,476 Club: Soapbox: What can I say... Started contest as
single op assisted, around 24 hours
into the contest was forcefully
converted to "unassisted" in all
respects -- I lost both power and
internet. While automatic diesel
generator kicks in in 15 seconds, and
8 KW UPS supports all transceivers,
computers and power amplifiers for my
M/S setup while generator is starting,
so transition from utility power goes
completely smooth at my QTH....
Comcast always shuts down internet
after about 30 minutes after the local
power outage. So I lost all my beloved
spots. If it were CW, I could still
rely on my skimmer, but on SSB... So
I just forgot about serious
competition, and enjoyed the pileups I
NEVER had at my NH QTH. When my rate
meter was hitting above 300 Q/hr --
first time in my life -- I really had
fun. Ten was terrific!