Call: NN3W
Station: NN3W

Added: 31/Oct/2011
Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating time: 46

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   64    13       34
   80:  298    24       85
   40:  860    34      117
   20:  991    40      143
   15: 1129    38      153
   10: 1617    36      152
Total: 4959   185      684  
Total Score = 12,185,987 Club: Soapbox: A huge thank you to N3HBX for
letting me use the Poolesville
station. A flawless operation this
weekend that will not soon be
forgotten. WOW! I almost did not do
this one. So much to say about this
weekend, and not enough thought power
right now. I'll just drop in a few
points now and a fuller write up
eventually. - Almost did not do this
one meaning I had a 55 hour work week
including a trip out to the west coast
on Tuesday, a red-eye flight back to
DC Wednesday night and then marathon
meetings at a Federal agency on
Thursday. - Lost packet for 3 hours
Saturday owing to snow static which
knocked out the satellite Internet
connection. Snow also caused havoc
with reception on the high yagis until
at least 1500z. - Have not seen
conditions like this in 20 years when
I was a teenager in high school. This
was one of the main reasons why I
chose to operate (A) (that and the
work fatigue factor). - Absolutely
stunning openings on the high bands
with terrific hourly rates. - Easily
beat the USA Call #3 record, USA
record, and North America record.
We'll see if somebody in #2 land did
that too! - The score from N1MM
does not agree with CT which does not
agree with Wintest. The mult count
moves but all are above 12,000,000 in
score. Thanks all for the QSOs,
points, and mult moves. Its now time
to go back to sleep. Oh wait....It's