Call: 6Y9X
Station: 6Y9X

Added: 31/Oct/2011
Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Jamaica
Operating time: 42

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    1     1        1
   80:  407    17       60
   40: 1275    24       86
   20:  720    29       77
   15: 1725    32      102
   10: 3224    26       92
Total: 7352   129      418  
Total Score = 10,262,267 Club: Soapbox: I had some vacation that I had to
use or lose by the end of the year.
My wife said I should go somewhere for
the CQ phone. Krassy, K1LZ, offered
the use of his fine station in
Jamaica. There were a couple problems
- the 160 antenna was broken when I
arrived and I fixed it but it broke in
a different place a couple hours
before the contest. I didn't have
time to repair it again. I made one
QSO using it as a random wire with
about 50 watts. And the second radio
stopped transmitting a few minutes
before the contest so I was SO1R. I
mostly just ran people. Some day
maybe I'll learn how to operate phone.
Maybe but not probably. Congrats to
the North American stations who beat
me, which I'll guess includes VY2ZM
and K1DG. The practice contest was
fun and I'm looking forward to the
real event in November. Special
thanks to Krassy for the use of the
station and also to Dave, KY1V who
made it possible for an operator with
no skill to make so many points.