Call: YP9W
Station: YP9W

Added: 31/Oct/2011
Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Buciumeni
Operating time: 45

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  134     8       51
   80:  224    17       70
   40: 1127    29      101
   20: 1147    38      122
   15: 1652    37      125
   10: 1273    36      119
Total: 5557   165      588  
Total Score = 8,782,992 Club: Soapbox: First of all many thanks to Ionut
YO9WF for letting me use his fine
station! He was struggling with the
hardware issues before contest and
managed to supply me with all I needed
during the test, includding massage of
back and neck muscles at times of
fatigue, beverages refill and
providing small pieces of food so I
could drag them inbetween the qsos.
Also big thanks to his great family
for making me feel again very welcome
and assuring that I wasn't missing
anything! Even if I was almost
completely disconnected of outside
world, I felt a great atmosphere
around me, with friends visiting the
shack, taking pictures and changing
smiles with me. Ionut arranged also a
great show up on Sunday afternoon,
bringing our radio teacher, OM Mircea
YO9AGI, for a pleasant visit - what a
nice surprise! All this fine emotional
support combined with the fabulous
conditions from the bands allowed me
not to feel any tiredness. I felt like
I should move on when the time for a
scheduled break came on after 24
hours, but then I've decided it would
be wiser to conserve my energy for the
second day whet the high bands will
come again to life, which turned out
to be a good decision. All in all,
given the station capabilities, the
target was a modest score of 6 mil
points, enough to update the YO
record. But the barrier was reached
approx. 8 hours before the end, so in
the finel couple of hours I found
myself competing against the EU record
of 9 mil. pts owned by OE4A
(OE1EMS/E77DX) since 2004. Of course,
I am aware that some giant scores will
show up after this one (e.g. ER4A) and
many records will fall, but the
feeling that this target would be
possible from YO land with average
antennas (OB17-4, tribander, 40m
rotary dipole and 80/160m inv. vee)
was quite emotional and unimaginable
before today. The operation was
planned as unassisted, but technical
problems made the use of SO2R setup
almost impossible during the night
hours, chiefly because a proper 80m
antenna was missing. The brand new 80m
vertical from Titanex, planned to be
lifted up in the previous week,
arrived at destination with severe
damage and had to be returned.
Consequently, 80m and 160m was covered
only by a simple inverted vee with one
feedeing line, so this and some other
unexpected interferences made me
decide for packet assistance. But
during daily hours the setup performed
fine, and often I found myself tuning
for multipliers on the second radio
instead of chasing them from the
packet, in order to avoid the
frustration from packet generated
pileups. It was great to meet or even
to chat for some moments with friends
around the world: Ton PY2YU, Braco
E77DX, Sue AI6YL, Chip N2YO, the guys
from CR3L, CN3A, LZ5R, PW7T, PS2T,
K1LZ and so on. I've also had an eye
to CR2X (OH2UA) and 4O3A (ES5TV) and
followed up their battle, already an
European classic, with
excitement. See you in CQWW CW! Best
73 Tibi YO9GZU