Call: K3PP
Station: K3PP

Added: 31/Oct/2011
Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Palmerton, PA (EPA)
Operating time: 36.5

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   33     8       15
   80:   65    15       44
   40:  153    26       79
   20:  474    39      111
   15:  463    37      133
   10: 1087    35      138
Total: 2275   160      520  
Total Score = 4,468,960 Club: Soapbox: God, it's good to have 10m
back! This was my best contest ever!
Tops in QSOs, tops in score, and tops
in rate. I wish I could have done
more, but a grueling work schedule
didn't leave enough gas in the tank
and my low band performance was
dreadful. We fared well from the
snowstorm. We only lost power for a
short 20-second-or-so glitch and it
was then solid for the whole weekend.
This is astonishing, since we are atop
a hill in the boonies. People all over
our area are still out and will be for
days! Sad to see so many contest
operations cut short, especially with
the best condx in eons! Downers: My
Tic-Ring holding the 20m yagi was
stuck all weekend. Luckily, it was
stuck towards EU and central Asia!
That the best scenario in such a case!
I tried a new antenna (Half-Square)
for 80m to improve my performance
there. It was always a weakness of
mine. It was a risk that didn't pan
out. I was awful on 80m. I can't blame
the antenna, though. Modeling suggests
it should work. I blame my
installation, so I'll have to fix
that. I was awful on 160m too. Because
of how I had to arrange the
half-square, it's too close to my 160m
Inv-L. The apparent I have to make
some changes before CW weekend! This
was a SO1R effort. There were times
when I really could have used a second
radio. I have much of the hardware to
do that, but key pieces are either
still missing or faulty. This is
another thing I need to fix. All in
all, it was a great weekend, aside
from the pain in my ears from all that
SSB QRM! Running on 10m was heavenly!
I had the Last-10 rate meter over 400
a few times. I have to evaluate my log
to see how I did on a best hour
basis. The incoming scores are just
mind-boggling! It looks as if my 4.5
Meg won't be enough for a Top Ten
finish! We'll see. THANK YOU to
everyone!! VY 73 de Glenn K3PP