Call: KE3X
Station: KE3X

Added: 01/Nov/2011
Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Washington, DC
Operating time: 14

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   10     3        3
   80:   10     5        4
   40:   54    13       32
   20:  175    19       67
   15:  195    22       72
   10:  182    16       57
Total:  626    78      235  
Total Score = 546,185 Club: Soapbox: I finally got the Alpha 76A working
which helped break through the pileups
and the new tribander helped on the
high bands. A much more enjoyable
experience running High Power on SSB,
but low bands always a struggle from
DC with only wire antennas. Band
conditions on 10-meters reminded me of
1977-1979 when I was in high school.
I was not active for the last two
solar cycle peaks so this propagation
is a relatively new experience. 100%
S&P as I did not hook up the DVK yet,
but will definately do so before SS
Phone. I was getting audio distortion
into my Yamaha CM-500 headset boom mic
on 80, 40 and 20, so had to use a hand
mic - not sure why? 15 and 10 were
fine with the headset. This
weekend's experience gives me hope I
can operate ARRL DX Phone 2012 from
here and put the DC multiplier on the
air. Nice to run into many European
friends just seen in person at HST
Championships in Germany this month
including DR1A, LZ9W, LZ5R, etc. Ken
KE3X Station: 2x FT1000MP Alpha
76A and 78 10/15/20: Cushcraft A3 at
45 feet 40/80: Dipoles at 45 feet
160: Inverted-L at 60 feet