Call: W0UA
Station: W0UA

Added: 01/Nov/2011
Class: SOAB HP
Operating time: 44

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   25    11       15
   80:  137    22       51
   40:  390    28       73
   20:  371    35       89
   15:  597    32       95
   10: 1337    33      104
Total: 2857   161      427  
Total Score = 4,595,220 Club: Soapbox: Not the best operating job in this
one. Old age & sleep deprivation? A
couple of obvious (in retrospect)
band-management errors, especially on
Sunday, hurt the score. Monday
morning quarterbacking notwithstanding
it was still exciting & provided some
nice surprises on all the bands. Even
80 was open to EU with good signals on
Saturday night and to Asia Sunday AM.
40 and 15 were both disappointing
here--neither would produce QSO
volume. As the casual post-reader has
likely noticed, this one was all about
10 Meters. Lots of folks have waited
a long time and our patience was
finally and surely rewarded. And it
was rich and strong both days. 800
Khz of smorgasboard! A couple of
notes: 40 Meter Phone: What an awful
mess! We were better off crossbanding
The number of Stateside stations
calling seems to rise with every year.
There are apparently lots of folks
out there who don't understand how
this contest works Loved that A5 on
15! OK, thanks for the Q's, congrats
to the big scorers and back to some
refreshing CW!