Call: LX7I
Station: LX7I

Added: 02/Nov/2011
Class: SOAB HP
Operating time: 43

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  374    12       59
   80:  518    15       73
   40: 1020    26       87
   20: 1516    32       92
   15: 1225    33       94
   10: 2167    32       95
Total: 6820   150      500  
Total Score = 10,723,050 Club: Soapbox: This was a great contest beside the
fact that I had a flu and was not able
to operate the 48 hours. I also lost
my second TRX and was quite some time
only SO1R. After a few years of
mainly working on the station, I
finally was able to fully operate
again in the contest. The setup is
not yet ready and I realy missed a
second big monobander for a second
direction. This will hopefully be
changed next year and the existing
antennes on 10M 15M and 20M will be
the antennas for the second direction
and some new stacks will be used for
NA, our best direction from this QTH.
Stay tuned!!! It is clear that my
main antenna was pointing 90% of the
time into NA :) I look forward to my
new setup with better antennas for NA
and JA!!! | EU | NA | SA
| AF | AS | OC
| ------------------------------------------------------- |
28.9% | 62.3% | 1.4% | 0.8% |
5.7% | 0.9%
| ------------------------------------------------------- Some
more automation will also help to
improve the OP to fully profit from
this setup. Surely 7500 QSOs would
have been possible from this QTH.I
also need to improve my SO2R skills to
increase my multipliers. thanks for
all the QSOs, cu in the CQWW CW
contest as M/S 73s de Philippe LX2A
/ LX7I My homepage will
also be updated over the winter time,