Call: NH7A
Station: NH7A

Added: 03/Nov/2011
Class: SOAB HP
Operating time: 43

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    8     4        3
   80:   57    14       17
   40:  421    28       44
   20: 1154    33       86
   15: 1358    32       83
   10: 2147    33       84
Total: 5145   144      317  
Total Score = 6,858,758 Club: Soapbox: Great hospitality from dear friend
Lloyd KH6LC. And thanks to dear friend
Al F5VHJ for the use of his NH7A
callsign. Nice to see 10 alive again.
At the age of 72, I am contemplating
this to be my final sunspot max, with
the not-so-nice notion that SFI's
would be stuck in the mid-70's for the
duration. Best hour was the first,
300 QSO. An exciting time on 10 on
Sunday: me wondering why I had such a
BIG state-side pileup. Turns out
someone spotted me as NH9, Wake
Island. Ah, the WWOP (wunnerful world
of packet)..... Last year I found a
great location on Ascension Island for
Marko, ZD8O (N5ZO), but do you think
he would find me and work me? Nope.
Only Zone 36 for the entire contest
was when a D2 in Angola called me on
15 on Sunday. Low bands were tough,
especially Saturday night, and the
elderly side of me said: "good time to
take a nap". One always can hope
they're still competitive, but I fear
my many CQ WW of 48-straight are in my
rear view mirror. But, promising to
find a place for CQ WW SSB next
year. Thanks to all who worked me,
and to all who made this such a good
weekend for contesting. Jim, N6TJ