Call: K7NV
Station: K7NV

Added: 13/Nov/2011
Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Minden
Operating time: ??

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    9     6        6
   80:   31    14       21
   40:   55    17       40
   20:  159    34       88
   15:  194    35       90
   10:  237    32       86
Total:  685   138      331  
Total Score = 900,480 Club: Soapbox: A fun outing to test my progress
with getting the station up & running
again for my first full serious effort
in SSCW in many years...... I was
over in the No. California mountains
doing tower work on Friday, but got
home before the contest started.....,
after working on the rest of the stuff
that needed to get done for "the
test", I made my 1st Q around 03:00
Friday night. Didn't stay up all night
either night, to try to bag those
mults. Had a good old time! The
condx, as noted by everyone were
refreshing ;-) All my operating was
S&P, 131 allband countries & 40
allband zones. It was a good test of
the progress made with the
station.....sure was good to have most
of the little antennas working, and
get to play with my new
(old) transceivers ;-) 73, Kurt