Call: ZL3IO
Station: ZL3IO

Added: 05/Mar/2012
QTH: Haumoana
Operating time: 14

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:    2     2
   40:  186    39
   20:  455    52
   15:  405    54
   10: 1185    57
Total: 2233   204  
Total Score = 1,347,012 Club: Soapbox: Thank for a great contest! I like
the ARRL DX as the NA operators are
always a joy to work. I only came
back to New Zealand on Friday night.
Plus our contest station is down due
to construction work for the new house
that started on the site. Also I had
to share the little home station with
my daughter ZL2GQ. Set up used was a
hexbeam (20-10m) and a vertical
(80/40m) plus 500W. Anyhow it was fun
to work so many of you and the 10m run
on the end of day 2 was just great.
Running 4 hours at a rate of 200 Qs/h
is only possible with NA. The low
bands were so quiet that I was hopeful
to do some more contacts but 80m was
just diappointing. Asian and Pacific
stations were hopeless trying to get
through to the NA stations who seems
to be deaf. I was wondering where the
Candian East Coast states were. No LB,
NF, NS, PEI on 10m... the other bands
even worse. The announced stations
were obviously only working EU as I
never could hear them. All US states
were available and made on 10m. Due to
limited activity not on the other
bands... Anyhow I really enjoyed the
time and I°m happy with the result
for the effort. 73 Holger, ZL3IO