Call: KT4Q
Station: KT4Q

Added: 05/Mar/2012
QTH: Florida
Operating time: 32.5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    6     5
   80:   63    40
   40:  136    69
   20:  278    90
   15:  622    92
   10:  189    44
Total: 1294   340  
Total Score = 1,319,880 Club: Soapbox: This is always a great contest to
participate in regardless of the solar
cycle or other elements that improve
or effect you. Conditions seemed more
difficult than last year with a little
less propagation and more noise. I
had challenges running any band except
15M so mostly S&P this year. We had
a storm come through Sunday AM early
and I was off radio but it loosened my
tribander on the mast. With the winds
most of Sunday, it proved to be a
challenge to keep it pointed in the
direction you want it to be. No so
funny when you have a great run going
and stations beging to fall off in the
queue and someone tries to take your
frequency, only to find the antenna
pointing south for an original 30
degree heading. Multiple times on
Sunday I had to stop operating and go
out to loosen the my rotar (ground
level on rotating tower) and
reposition antenna. My coax up the
side of the tower looked like I was
was feeding a candy cane as it twisted
all the way up. Well this gives me
somethig to do when not
operating. Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP MV
Amp: Ameritron AL-572 Ants: Cushcraft
X7 Tri at 60', Carolina Windom 80 at
35', Carolina Windom 160 at 45'
(avg) Log: Writelog v11.01A