Call: G6PZ
Station: G6PZ

Added: 05/Mar/2012
QTH: Somerset
Operating time: 43

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   10     9
   80:  431    43
   40:  635    47
   20: 1319    61
   15: 1354    58
   10:  107    25
Total: 3856   243  
Total Score = 2,811,024 Club: Soapbox: First a big thanks to Paul G6PZ for
let me use his station. I have been in
the station just one time before but
when I phone Paul for ask if I could
come for the contest he said me that
was ok. Paul’s station is really
amazing and I hope to operate there
also in the future! When I arrived on
Friday late afternoon and there were
no work to do so I just test how the
band sound like. At the end almost 200
stations were worked in the
pre-contest activity as M/IZ1LBG on 15
20 and 40m. As many have wrote the
condition were not so good but we have
better propagation compare to other
part of Europe. The first night
finish with just 638 QSO, nice run on
40m but I spend lot of time trying to
work big MM station on 160m without
any result. After a short nap I found
20m quite open and after 2 hour also
15m were open. the rate was not so
high but constant for hours. When I
moved on 20m the band was really open
with some good west coast pile up and
2 hours with rate more than 200 (best
hour 255 QSO). I tried to stay on 20m
as more as possible but band close
very quickly after 22z. The second
night was really disappointing no
chance for I good run on 40m, spend a
lot of time on 80m compare to the
other eu station. 160m condition again
not good at all W3LPL was the stronger
on the band there but it takes 5 min
to work it (tnx the operator for the
patience). The condition on 20m the
second morning where really terrible
just 53 QSO the first 2 hour. I think
I were lucky and move on 10m at the
right time and managed to work some
station also on 10m, many station from
FL and the big contest station from
the east coast. I knew that I were low
on mult so I tried to stay a lot on
10m also if rate was not good as 15m
one. Nice to be called there from K0RF
then only signal that I heard from
central US on 10m. Then the 15m
opening was really good: work many
station from west coast and band stay
open until almost 21z. Then again a
nica run on 20m band but again band
close quickly after 22.30z. Good
running on 40m the last 30 min of the
contest (with N9RV from MT new mult
just few minutes before the end of the
contest)... Nice to see that there
were some station posting real time
result on, I hope that in
the future always more station will
post the result there. My compliment
to LX7I and CR6K and E7DX for their
result A mention to the software
used: QARTest. It takes really just 2
minutes to install and made it work
properly. Filippo IZ1LBG