Call: OL3R
Station: OL3R

Added: 28/Oct/2013
Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating time: 28:25

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   29     5       19
   80:   98     9       46
   40:  196    22       69
   20:  430    34      104
   15:  564    35      100
   10:  548    39      119
Total: 1865   144      457  
Total Score = 2,513,983 Club: Soapbox: New 40/80m vertical (EA6XD Moregain
style at 15m DX-wire fibreglass mast)
burned down in first 3 hours. Home
brewed PVC antenna insulator is
definitely not the same quality
material like PTFE when rain and
humidity is high. And it was weather
conds at my location first contest
period. High RF voltage at the ends of
antenna did own job. When my OM-Power
SWR protection said no no, something
wrong, tried key-down low powered TX
and watched St Elmo's fire at the top
of vertical 10 min after stop TX.
Famous scenario at the night in
compare to what says SWR meter at this
moment :-) Decided stop operation and
sleep bcs no TX antenna for low bands.
Left-over 160m Inv.V wasnt good idea
for the rest of battle. Saturday
morning decided to repair it and
change insulator material for
PTFE. Vertical was back in operation
state after 9h outage. Lucky but day
bands in first part of contest were
definitely lost. It was crucial
decision. Upper bands were extremely
good in DX propagation here. Mainly 10
and 15m. Continued without chance but
happy that everything worked fine. CU
in CW part ...