Call: VA2WA
Station: VA2WA

Added: 28/Oct/2013
Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: nr.Montreal
Operating time: 30

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    0     0        0
   80:    0     0        0
   40:    0     0        0
   20:  991    36      119
   15: 1334    38      124
   10: 1365    34      130
Total: 3690   108      373  
Total Score = 5,073,588 Club: Soapbox: Rig: Kenwood TS-590S + AL1200 (
1kW) Ant: SteppIR DB-11 yagi As you
see that was a part-time operation. My
new job boss wanted me to come to
office on Sunday afternoon to do some
stupid network upgrade (I'm working as
sysadmin to earn money for my HAM
radio "disease"). So I couldn't count
on getting a good position in the SOAB
HP Assisted category. I've got my
vertical for 160-80-40 broken just
right before the contest. It's not a
big deal to repair but would take few
hours. Since I couldn't run for full
time and a result was not a target I
decided to concentrate on testing of
my "fresh" installed SteppIR yagi
DB-11 on 20-15-10 and to try different
phone contesting "techniques" for
future phone contests. Of course I
enjoyed beautiful conditions on
20-15-10. That was really amazing! I
was really surprised to see how many
interesting things I usually miss
switching to 40-80 right before
sunset! The 20m band was opened almost
24 hours! European station were loud
during all the night! An endless JA
pile-up! I was lucky to get even a
small pile-up from YB stations! The
new set up was working pretty nice so
I could run pile-ups with a maximum
rate up to 239 q/h. Thanks for all
the QSO's! CU in the CQ WW CW
2013! 73! Victor VA2WA / VA2WDQ