Call: KG0US
Station: KG0US

Added: 31/Oct/2013
Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: MO 04
Operating time: 

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    5     5        5
   80:   48    18       34
   40:   82    20       52
   20:  202    30       83
   15:  161    26       82
   10:  232    30      106
Total:  730   129      362  
Total Score = 1,002,000 Club: Soapbox: Thank God for the great propagation.
I was just about to write off this
entire sun spot cycle. Found out that
one of my tree branches has grown up
to cause turning interferrence with my
lone KT34A at 50 feet. It limits me
to North, Northwest, to South at
night. However after sunrise
something happens where the tree frees
up my antenna allowing me to turn it
to the Northeast to Southeast. I have
a tree trimmer scheduled to come by
and fix that problem. Just causual
search and pounce operating here with
the KT34A at 50 feet and a Alpha Delta
DX-A sloper on the tower for the low
bands. Ten meters was so good that I
started to call CQ but then quickly
remembered that I am walking on
eggshells since one of my neighbors
complained last year towards the end
of the 10 meter contest. Think of
that, I recently saw the awesome
flyover video at
K3LR: My
perception of K3LR was that is was a
contest station in a remote area out
in the country. Looking at the video,
there are neighborhood houses
everywhere. I wonder how he keeps
peace in the neighborhood? Steve K0OU
and I and others are always battling
with neighbors with U-verse and
surround sound systems. Maybe it is
because the stations antennas are much
higher in the air? The strange thing
with my house is that I have a 37”
LCD TV connected to an outside antenna
on the chimmney of the house and I do
not get any interference on HF even
when running QRO. Now, I could not
say that a few years ago when I used
an old format 36” Sony tube
TV. Anyway, it was great and I hope
that the CQ WW CW and the 10 meter
contest is just as lively in
December. 73, Dave KG0US