Call: OG6N
Station: OG6N

Added: 05/Nov/2013
Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Mieto
Operating time: 40

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   52     7       33
   80:   74    11       52
   40:  108    28       88
   20:  503    35      107
   15: 1153    37      121
   10: 1122    39      133
Total: 3012   157      534  
Total Score = 4,967,599 Club: Soapbox: Finally we had a chance to enjoy
some very nice openings on 10m. I wish
we will enjoy a rerun on the CW leg
and the ARRL 10m contest. Breaking the
3kQSO mark was a pleasant surprise as
well as breaking the OH SOAB assisted
record. Well I lost the record to Jari
OH8L who did a fine job and
outperformed me as well as Markku,
OG2A who also beat me. Kudos to you
guys but I want a rematch in the CW
leg! The week prior to the contest
was very busy at my station. On Monday
Mark OH6MMC repaired my low band
dipoles and a 20m beam. On Friday I
took a day off and prepared for the
contest whole day from dawn to dusk
and beyond. The task list shortened a
bit but many issues were still left to
be resolved later during the coming
weekends. For example I did not manage
to repair my 20m stack and I was
forced to run the top beam only. It
goes without saying that I did not
have much of rest before the contest
started. I dozed off for just 1 hour.
The lack of rest took its toll on
Sunday as I was sometimes in trouble
when I was trying to utter a correct
word. Every once in a while I kept
dozing off in the middle of a QSO. I
hope that this does not show in the
UBN report. Finally after a short
break I got my act together and was
able to continue. I had the main
radio hooked up to an AL-80A linear
amplifier but I had hardly any time to
setup the second radio so I was
running it barefoot. Later during the
contest it stopped working so I was
basically SO1R. I wish I had had
enough time to test the setup. After
the contest it turned out to be an
intermittent connector in the
feed-line. The lack of the second
radio for the multipliers hurt badly
my QSO count because a quick
calculation revealed that I was
running only 22.5 hours and used as
much as 17.5 hours in search and
pounce mode. The start of the contest
was difficult for me because I could
hear the guys from OH0 and south from
me running stateside when I could not
get my run going no matter how I
tried. Luckily the propagation
improved at my QTH in the morning. 10m
was open until 17Z but then 15m
offered good propagation for 3 hours.
Around 20Z I was extremely tired and
the higher bands were almost closed.
At 23Z 20m peaked shortly after which
I went to bed for 4 hours. Sunday
morning started at 05Z with multiplier
hunting on 160m, 80m, 40m and 20m. 06Z
it was time to QSY to 10m to try some
Asia. After 09Z I moved to 15m for the
last JAs and before 12Z back to 10m to
nail a frequency for stateside
pileups. I moved back to 15m to run
more stateside after 16Z. I noticed
that the propagation was rapidly going
down around 19Z. I had to take some
refreshments and a short break to
regain my energy resources for the
final push. Too bad 20m was very poor
from here and when I was almost ready
to throw in the towel when the band
finally opened and stayed open until
the end.