Call: PY2SEX
Operator(s): PY2SEX 
Station: PY2SEX

Added: 12/Jul/2009
QTH: Campinas
Operating time: 15

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    5                      4
   80:   11                      9
   40:  169     23              48
   20:  117     36              42
   15:  105                     25
   10:   32     13              19
Total:  439     72     0       147  
Total Score = 302,673 Club: Soapbox: Well, what a crazy 24 hours!!
Started with raining just 10 minutes
before the contest start, so QRM
growing up a lot on 20m and 15m. I
gave my best to get all stations on
first call, but all signals come to me
very low, actually the noise was huge!
10m was a nice surprise, I have
enjoyed this moment, then I went to
15m where I could copy Europe and USA
at same time, was like using a
Vertical antenna. My best hour!
hihihihi I got sick to call on SSB on
20m with 100w, so I turn my LInear on,
and just on my second call, My
upstair's neighbor knocks my door.
$#%!@!!! Back to 100w, maybe later on
40m. No chance, and a new cold water
over me again. On my third call with
Linear on 40m, my another neighbor
complained about SKY TV, I though that
I have resolved that last week!!! Damn
Murphy. Then I get some beers and
start my suffering to be heard. The
most incredible thing was Low bands, I
do not have antenna to 160m, but I
tunned my 80m Dipole and used it with
50w, well, I have worked south America
stations only and could heard pretty
fine the PJ2T, but no chance for me.
On 80m another good surprise, when
UN1HQ reply me back, after around 20
calls.. hihihi.. My Inverted V is only
at 1m up to the ground. I have a
broadcast station that give me S9+10
QRM on 3510 and out of there I have
S7. So, only big guns can be heard
here. I gave up and went to sleep, I
had to work on Sunday Morning, but I
woke up early and another amazing
thing Happens, 20m at Morning!! I got
very surprise and remeber the old
times with good propagation, I could
work a bunch of American Stations as
well as, Japanese, 9M6 (Big signal)
and some more caribean and central
america, was completely unbelievable.
No QRM and good signals here. Thanks
everybody to be patient on High Bands
and for be on my Log. I hope to see
you guys on next contest. Log Already
uploaded to LOTW. 73 PY2SEX, Alex
RIG: Yaesu FT-950 ANT. 2 el. for 40m
(By PP5UA) 7 el. Tri-band (By
PP5UA) Inverted V for 80m
Ameritron AL-80AX (Could not be used )
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