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Eugeny Chepur

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Updates by UA2FM - QSL Manager

19August 2016

Eugeny RI1FJ safelyarrived at Archangelsk Port. His 2016 operation lasted from 27 June 18.31 UTC to 02 Aug 2016, 16.18 UTC. No ham operation is expected from the island until probably next expedition inAugust 2017 - August 2018.

RI1FJ log uploaded to Otherwise use OQRS form on this page.

73 de UA2FM

14 August 2016 update

Gentlemen, Eugeny RI1FJ left the island on 5-6th August. He is onboard RSVSomov, sailing home. Watch Somov route athttp:// As soon he is on the Internet, I upload his log onto, and everyone will be able to use OQRS form on this page as well. Please be patient, all requests will be replied! :)

73 de UA2FM

3rd July update

This afternoon I got information (thanks R6AF) that Eugeny stays on the island until end of July. After that he sails home onboard icebreaker RSV Somov. Watch Somov route athttp://

RI1FJ goes QRTsoon after Somov arrives on the island.

73, de VictorUA2FM

2nd July 2016update

Eugeny Ri1FJ suddenly showed up on the air late June. I have no e-mail communication with the Island, as there are no post/telephone/transportation services there, but company satellite forbidden for private use. I was neither notified by Eugeny of his QRV, nor about problems he had during this season. The only thing I know, - it's him who signs RI1FJ, as many hams worked him reported this.

I do not know whether Eugeny is able to send his ADIFlogs through his address as we did in his previous operations. I was told all steel and metal materials and equipment was removed from the island before summer 2015. Perhaps this was the reason of RI1FJ silence.

Gents, please keep working RI1FJ on the bands, but be patient with QSL requests until I establish log exchange procedure. I'll be back with more information as soon Ihave it.

Thanks, Victor UA2FM

December 2015 update

Dear fellows-amateurs,
Many of you asked me to update RI1FJ info. His license reissued from 01 August 2015 until 31 August 2017. To be honest, I expected that Eugeny would start his activity early August, since he came on the Heiss Island.
He works as lead of Sevmeteo weather group for 2015-2016.
After his arrival on the island, I tried to get in contact with him using non-amateur communication, to make clear why he is not on the air.
There is no direct communication with the Island. The only possibility is to send telegraph message through official Company address, that was what I did. No reply.
After that, I tried to understand the situation in other ways. The last reply I got from Sevmeteo management, is that Eugeny is alive and well, he carries out his duties, but he has no technical possibilities to be QRV.
There is no regular transport with the island until safe Arcti Ocean navigation in summer 2016. I do not know how I can help Eugeny.
So guys, lets hope Eugeny will solve his technical problems until the end of his 2016 employment.

July 2015update

2015-2016 weather team is on the way from Severodvinsk to Heiss Island onboard MV Somov. Look for RI1FJ starting early August.

July 2014 update.

2014-2015 season weather team delivered on the island. There are no ham operators among the crew. No permanent ham radio operation is expected from Franz Jozef Land during 2014-2015.

All 2010 - 2013 logs are uploaded to LoTW.

See QSL instructions in UA2FM page or use OQRS instead.

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