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QSL: Via PayPal. No eQSL or LOTW, paper logs only.


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ROTUMA DXPEDITION 2018NEWS (as of 14 October 2017): Next joint 3D2AG-3D2EU Rotuma Dxpedition is scheduled for February-March 2018 and will have a high focus on low-bands. See the 3D2EU website for more information. QSL information will be as per respective callsigns.

Look for us also on 6m, HF, JT65 and 60m/80m from Fiji (mostly on weekends)! We are looking for a 2m linear to activate EME from Fiji and Rotuma.

QSL INFORMATION: viaPayPalor direct using IRC only If you cannot send via PayPal and must send by postal mail, please register if possible and conceal well postage. There is a very high rate of stealing of mail in Fiji. Donations towards DXpedition costs are most welcome to above Email address!

For first-class postage and QSL printing costs, suggested $3.00 ($4.00 DXpedition); please do not forget to include yourcall,full QSO data including date and time, and yourmailing addressintransaction comments(if you do not state your mailing address, looking it up manually on willdelayyour reply. If you omit QSO data, an Email will have to be sent asking you for it).Optionally please also drop your QSL card only either via postcard mail or buro, as we do value your card for our collection.Direct postal requestsat your own risk:For first-class airmail reply please include at least two green stamps orone valid IRCwith a self-adhesive Airmail SAE. No calls on enveloppe, do not fold SAE in half.Apparently about 50 to 60% of SASEs sent to me never reach my P.O. Box!To combatchronicmail theftbypostal employeesplease use IRCs or send if possible byRegistered Mail. Sending postage by PayPal and your card onlyviapostal mail is another way to discourage theft. Only paper logs are used by 3D2AG since 1988, and all QSLs are filled by hand with a personal touch. If you do not get a reply within 2 to 3 months, it usually unfortunately means your mail was lost on the way to my mailbox. While 3D2AG's QSL turnaround time is only a few days, Airmail from Europe / USA to Fiji can take4 to 16 weeks or moreeach wayto reach so please be patient!Thank you very much for your cooperation and VY 73!

Licensed since 1988, 3D2AG operates both from Fiji and Rotuma (latter as 3D2AG/p) and is QRV 3.5-50 MHz, on SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31,JT65 and other digital modes. Main radio interests are DX, VHF (6m) long-distance propagation monitoring, and antenna testing and construction. Preferred modes areCW and RTTY.

The OMalso held the callsign FO0DER (later upgraded to FO5RK) and was QRV from Mangareva Island (IOTA OC-063) from November 14-22, 2000. Other calls include ZK1AGGRarotonga South Cook Islands,T30AR from Tarawa, Western Kiribati and FK/FO5RK from Nouma, New Caledonia; some of the QSL cards are shown above.QSL for all these operations is via 3D2AG. There are no managers; before 1988 W9TU / K6AG held the 3D2AG call and cards should not be sent to them. Sam FK8DD was kindly QSL manager for a time between 2008 and 2011.

For information, here below are the dates for 3D2AG/p (Rotuma, OC-060) operations over the years for which (paper) logs are still open (other periods than those listed count as Fiji, OC-016):

ROTUMA 3D2AG/p: 02 Jul 1991 to 24 Jul 1991; 11 Dec 1991 to 29 May 1992; 30 Nov 1992 to 12 Feb 1993; 23 Sep 1993 to 26 Feb 1994; 29 Nov 1996 to 09 Jan 1997; 14 Dec 1997 to 11 Jan 1998; 12 Dec 1998 to 13 Jan 1999; 11 Dec 1999 to 21 Jan 2000; 12 Jan 2001 to 19 Apr 2001; 19 Nov 2001 to 24 Jan 2002; 15 Dec 2007 to 13 Feb 2008; 13 December 2011 to 9 January 2012; 20 September 2014to 25 September 2014; 21December 2015 to 22January 2016; 02 April to 27 April 2017.

All Rotuma operations are entirelySolar-Powered using SustainableRenewable Energy!Barefoot 100 Watts.

Following the passage of the deadly Category 5 tropical cyclone Winston that hit Fiji in February 2016, there was major damage to our antenna systems but repairs are due to be completed very shortly. Sadly we recently lost one of our skilled Fiji-based Radio Amateurs, Dick Best 3D2BA (sk). His logs are now under the custody of 3D2AG if anyone requires a QSL for past contacts with either 3D2BA or ZK1CC.

The 2015-2016 Rotuma DXpedition was quite successful, 80m-6m with nearly 8,000 QSOs on CW, SSB, RTTY and JT65 modes. First QSO was on 21st December at 05:20 UTC and last QSO on 22nd January at 07:49 UTC. Main antennas were down on the 20th January when the boat left Suva for Rotuma but limited operations continued on the 80m inverted-Vwhile waiting for the boat to return to Fiji.Propagation on 6m, 30m and 20m was very good while 80m, 40m and 10m were not so good. Thanks to all operators for their kind support and for being in the pileups!

Please note that 3D2AG has managed to bring back with him outstanding QSL requests for 3D2RI Rotuma High School dating back to 2011 and these are now all mailed out (with 'slight' delay!). Currently there is nobody at the 3D2RI station knowledgeable of amateur radio and QSL requests had been ignored for the past several years and were on the verge of being discarded until 3D2AG managed to visit the station. Teachers trained by the 3D2R team have since been transferred, including the former Principal of RHS. Efforts are underway to revive interest in amateur radio at the school, and in general in Fiji as a whole, as part of a DRM network.

3D2AG is also QRV from the home QTH (FIJI, OC-016) using IC-7000 / FT-757GX / TS-440S and Hustler 4BTV or 2-el HB9CV antennas, with inverted-Vs for the low bands. Operating times are limited but usually on 7 MHzbetween 0930 and 1130UTC and 14MHz longpath CW between 1130 UTC and 1400 UTC. Also present on weekends on the ANZA Net on 14.183 MHz starting 0500 UTC and sometimes on the Southern Cross DX Net on 14.238.5 MHz starting 1200 UTC. On weekends, please look for 3D2AG on 15, 17 and 10 m between 1900 and 2100 UTC longpath, then shortpath afterwards, and also on 14.076 JT65 mode and 14.078 JT9 mode. Beware of pirates! If in doubt of a QSO, please email me first.

DONATIONS towards QSL postage and DXpedition costs can also be sent directly via PayPaltothe following Email address: If you make any donation, please commentwith full QSO data so that it can be linked to your call. Thank you very much for all kind donations already received!

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For DXpeditions we use IC7000bkt CAT software by IZ2BKT:


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