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QSL: Direct to WB2TJO-Stateside (SASE) DX (SASE+ 1 Green Stamp)

Jim Sojka

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Iwill be back in Fiji on the island of Taveuni in earlyJanuary, 2018 and plan to stay until the middleof March, 2018. My lifelong friend Glenn built ahouse on the island 2years ago and our main goal is to make his house a home. Glennwill arrive on the Island in February 2018. Last year we wired the house for electricity, built a 40ft by 12 ft deck, built a platform for a large water storage tank, installeda sink and cabinetry in the bathroom, built interior walls in the house,and numerous other small projects. This year we are concentrating on a solar power and windmill system for electricity. When I do get onthe air it will be a small 2500 watt generator until more permanent power is installed.

It will be good to see my Fijian ham friends, although Raj, 3D2ER will probably be in San Francisco when I get there.

Pictured below:(L to R)Mike (3D2MP), Antoine (3D2AG), Jim (3D2JS), Raj (3D2ER)

The rig will be an ICOM 706 MK IIG and an MFJ 971 low power tuner for 30 meters. I also brought an ACOM 600S amplifier. I will be using the following wire antennas: 40M/30M/15M...Radio Works Big Sig , a 3/2 wavelength apex down delta loop opened opposite the feed point, fed at the bottom through a 4:1 balun. I use this antenna at my home QTH with great success. N4GG array of 2 raised phased verticals 1 wavelength apart. LATE ANTENNA CHANGE: I put up an 80M dipole about 65 feet high broadside east and west and am using it on 17 meters also. I plan to hang the 20 meter verticals of the N4GG array on the dipole. If it works well I'll be getting a lot of mileage from that 80M dipole. I have no QRO tuner here yet, that will be next baggage to bring to Fiji. All antennas I make must have low SWR for the ACOM to "put out". I hope it will be easier to bring a tuner than the ACOM amp. Fiji Airways was not going to let me bring it on board as a carry on bag. No way was I going to let it be checked baggage!! Thought I was going to have to leave it in LA! How many of you know the ACOM 600S is used as a power supply for medical imaging devices?? Well, that was the story I told, and "life goes on"!

Yes, paper logs like my last 2 visits here. One reason I can't run stations in a pile up faster.

40 meter Radioworks Big Sig, 210 feet of wire in an apex down triangle.

One half of the 20 meter N4GG array.

Nice picture of the Radioworks Catrolina Windom 40 Plus I initially put up when arriving in Fiji last year.. It wasreplaced by the 40M Big Sig. The tall softwood tree is over 70 feet tall.

QSL INFORMATION: QSL direct to my home QTH (WB2TJO )


80 meters is seeing the most activity this year. Seems most of Europe needs 3D2 on 80. Antoine (3D2AG) handles 80 meters, I am just "helping out. Understand I am not a DXPedition and many times I call CQ to make a few casual contacts. I am a rag chewer at heart. So of course I am calling CQ simplex. All of a sudden a whole continent is calling and I get caught off guard. So I will switch to split operation. But Europe, when I send up 1, I will start listening there. But please do spread yourselves out a little. Guess I'll have to send up 1 to 2....(up 1 / 2) but I'm not used to doing that. Signals are not strong at all...just above the noise many times. So I will get partial callsigns and go from there. If only the rest of the world was as patient and polite as the JA's!

Again I will be checking in on the 7.163 MHz morning DX/ragchew net, and also the HHH net on 7.190 MHz.

Here is hoping propagation will be favorable to all parts of the world. I will especially look for Peter, OE3PKU. Many thanks to John, G3PQA and Frank IK6SIO for e mails on propagation and making schedules. Frank is a very patient operator helping to complete a difficult QSO on 40M CW. I am getting more and more e mails which I appreciate. It is difficult for me to make schedules as there is so much work to be done on the house I am in.

The view from the new deck webuilt last year. Fiji may be close to paradise but it's far from everywhere else. That's why you'll never hear me call CQ DX...every contact is DX!



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