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San Andrés Is - November 2017 DXpedition Yaguarete Dx Group

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Log On Line

Yaguarete DXers Group will visit San Andrs Island between November 12nd and November 26th 2017


LU1FM Jose Luis (Joe) Team Leader

LU9FHF Daniel (Dan)

LU2JCW Andres (Andy)

LU3FMD Walter (Wally)

LU6FOV Fernando (Fer)

We will carry 3 HF Stations and one Satellital Station

3 Elecraft KX3 Radios

1 IC 820H Radio

2 SPE Expert 1,3 KFA Power Amplilfiers

1 Elecraft KPA100 Power Amplifier

1 AMERITRON ALS500MRX Power Amplifier

2 Hexbeam G3TXQ 6 band antennas

2 Poles 8 meter hight for antennas

Dipolos double Bazooka for 160 80 40 & 30 meters

2 Arrow Antennas model Alaskan 10+4

Yaesu G5400 Rotor

Notebooks, Dunestar Filters, and more stuff for radio

Will operate Phone CW PSK31 FT8 modes

Una gran noticia para nuestra DXPedition. Tenemos el apoyo oficial de Cordell Expeditions con su log on line que pronto estar configurado para sta 5K0T !!! Muchs Gracias a Dr Rober W Schmieder Bob KK6EK por su invaluable colaboracin. Deseamos lo mejor para todos los que nos comuniquen, contacten y confirmen en sta DXPedition.

5K0T DXpedtion
Yaguaret DX Group

Great news for our DXPedicin. We have the official support of Cordell Expeditions with his log on line that soon will be configured for this 5K0T !!! Thank you Dr. Rober W Schmieder Bob KK6EK for your invaluable collaboration. We wish the best for all who communicate, contact and confirm in this DXPedition.

5K0T DXpedtion
Yaguaret DX Group


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