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Dates: Arrival : 15th September 2017 , Departure : 29thSeptember 2017
On airapprox:limited/building up 16,17th, full operation planned from 18thtill 26th, limited/dismantling 27th/28th

Call sign:5T5OK

Operators:Petr OK1BOA, Palo OK1CRM, David OK6DJ, Pavel OK1GK, Karel OK2ZI

DX pedition guest OPERATORS: SKJean 5T0JL, Ahmad 5T2AI

We would like thanks to the both and especially to Jean for all help with 5T5OK. BIG THANK YOU

Operation modes: SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK, FT8

Radios:1x Elecraft K3, 3 x Kenwood TS480, 1 x IC7300

PA:no PA allowed, we play straight 100W only!
6m 5el YAGI
20m-10m 1x SpiderBeam, 1x HexBeam
30m vertical with elevated radials
40m 4 square
60m vertical with elevated radials
80m vertical with elevated radials
160m toploaded vertical
Receiving low bands: beverages

OK6DJ QRZ address: David Beran, Dolni Kamenice 55, Holysov 34562, Czech Republic.

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