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Atsuo Sakuma

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20th anniversaryof continuous on the airof 5W1SA from Samoa since 1998

I had enjoyed operating HF and 6m from OC-097, Samoa for last 20 years. Approximately 100K QSO logged.
I have asked and obtained the callsign 5W20SAMOA from Office of the Regulator as a special event stationfor celebrate this 20years amateur radio service from Samoa.

License period is 1st Jan 2018 to31st Dec 2018.

Followings are some events, antenna and shack photographs.

1998 April

Landed on Faleolo Airport as JICA/JOCV Volunteer worker
The picure taken during theJOCV Training before departure.
Drawing on mag cup in my hand was my little image of Samoa. Coconut tree and open Fale (house) on it.

1998 May

Applied and obtained 5W1SA from Post and Telecom Department
Immediately start QRV on HF High bands from the 1st house on Fugalei Street.
TS-850S, IC-706MKII

2000 The 2nd Shack at nr. Fagalii Airport
2002 The 3rd Shack and Tower at Malololelei about 750m sea level.
2003 Import HL-2K and obtain 1KW License
2004 Dismental the above tower for moving QTH
2006 First time portable operation from Savaii Island with JA visitor
2007 4th Shack at Vaivase-uta
2007 160m QRV using Radio2AP commercial 120m AM tower on same day as CQ WW CW Contest. I should have uploaded the log....
2011 5th Shack @ Vailele-uta, New tower and antenna gifted from YT1AD
2012 Add 6m Yagi and GP
2012 Receive offer of remove Tower and take it @ LDS church Pesega
2012 Plan to move the above tower to the new QTH
2013 Most active year. 21725Q's uploaded onto ClubLog. 80m Vertical, Tower top with 3 ele Tribander and inside my shack
2013 Tower relocate project. Mandy (in the front of his jeep) is the man my tower builder.
2015 Feb VL-1000 came from KH8
2016 Jul Construnct new Shack (6th) and Home. This would be the last QTH for fixed station.
2016 Oct At end of Oct 2016, complete the construction.
2017 Latest shack setup @ 31st December 2017

QSL Policy
1. I prefer electrical QSL,LoTW andeQSL that after confirmed by LoTW.
2. Upload LoTW every Sunday night. Sametime download matched data from LoTW and upload to eQSL.
3. No upload when I was partipate to a Contest on Sundays. Be patient and looking for next Sunday, please.
4. No upload if Internet is down!!
5. Paper QSL maybe available later by OQRS. Please read below.

Request for donation, please.
After 20 years operating and living in Samoa, there is not enough budgetavailable for QSL card printing.
If any one offer me part ofcost or actual printed card, please contact myself or my QSL manager JA1DXA (Katsu) for arrangement.

Contact Me
Sure on the radio!! Apartfrom thatEmail is available. However, please do not send me large attachment such as screenshot or scanned QSL card image etc.Island Internet is slow and expensive. Remember dialup modem you may use 15+ years ago. Now these days I have faster than that even on the Island but not as fast Internet like you have over there.
Still you need send me attachments, please reduce size that just enough resolution to read/view. All over-sizedemail will move onto sub-folder on the server, I don't know when I can open it.

Sked QSO?
I was afraidto say but please don't ask me for scheduled QSO. I'm not yet retired age and my commercial work is not fixed time like 9 to 5. I may go work at anytime when received call from clients.

Frequency Drift?
Please allow me some drift my TX frequency when I amusing TRIO/Kenwood TS830 hybrid.
This is beatiful unit found at Yahoo Aution Japan 2016. Came to Samoa with 5W1DXA on Dec 2017.
Well VFO frequency drift is way too much, I will build a external DDS when parts arrives. Until then enjoy your frequency stability with a modern TRX.

I think I will not go on contest with 5W20SAMOA. You can find your multiplier with 5W1SA.

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