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Nick Henwood G3RWF

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 194649

Picture: Taken at MMU Fort Portal in 2010. Note the subtle use of bricks!

QRV on 11 visits since Nov 2007. Not a dxpedition - I worked pro bono while in Uganda at the University of the Mountains of the Moon (MMU) in Fort Portal, Western Uganda and (very occasionally) the capital, Kampala.MMU is an independent (non-profit) university owned by the community of the area.Fort Portal is in the foothills of the beautiful Rwenzori Mountains which form the border with the Congo (about 25 kms away). It is a fertile area with a greatclimate.Amajor local cash crop is tea.Last visit was September - December 2013. Planning visit in November 2017.

Main ham radio challenges are frequent thunderstorms and static which usually make low bands hard work. Also erratic power - which frequently goes off without any warning and may stay off for many hours. It can provide as little as 90 volts (instead of 230). Internet connectivity has improved greatly in the past 5 years.

I prefer CW but am also QRV on SSB and digimodes. My usual rig is a K3 with a variety of antennas -(always) an inverted v dipole with links for all bands,(sometimes) a single band 2 el Moxon beam and in 2013 an all band Hexbeam. I use LOTW.

OQRS. I prefer OQRS via Clublog but all QSL routes are OK except e-QSL.I only reply to QSOs for each new band/mode.

Direct QSLs please via home call G3RWF. Please enclose an IRC or $2 (sorry but $1 no longer covers the cost of a stamp anywhere).

Bureau OK but will take a while (and please put as many QSOs as possible on one card to reduce weight and make replying easier). Thanks.

I send cards only when I am in UK so you may have to await my return if in Uganda (some visits are 2 months duration).Please do NOT ask for another bureau card via ClubLog if you have already sent one via the bureau - cards are expensive and I have to pay for them.

I actively support the DX Code (



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