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QSL: 9A5AX ,9A4J


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Special anniversary callsign
On the occasion of 60 years in the world of

amateur radio

In 1957. in Radio club Dubrovnik, a group of friends entered, students from Dubrovnik highschool. Some of them stayed briefly, some of them longer...
Two of them, stayed till today, for 60 years now.
Tom-9A2AA and I, Josip 9A5AX.
We became and we remained radio amateurs, friends, brothers, ...for life.

Thank you all, for every QSO, for every drop of satisfaction I felt.

During 2012 I used callsign 9A55AX (see the page at
All QSL-s are sent either directly or trough the bureau. Quite a few of them came back... I am sorry.
If someone needs prefix 9A55, call me, i still have cards.
I prefer QSL paper.

On the left is Fort Bokar

In front is Lovrijenac fortress

To the right, in the white stone house, was the base of the radio club back in 1957.

Equipment from 1957:

Tx, handmade, with 2x Hg diodes in PS, 2x RL12P35 in PA

Rx, oldtimer - hallicrafters s38b receiver

Ant. Long wire 63m from the front part of Fort Bokar to the club building.

From 25th. to 28th. August 2017, we activated E7/9A57AX from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Natural park "Blidinje", WFF E7FF- 020, JN83SO, from excellent HAM location, top of mount "vrsnica" from 2228m height.

Big thanksfor all the help and hospitality toSlaven, E77A!


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