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Przemek 'Mek' Wojtysiak

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I am currently active from Gozo Island, Malta (between 15th and 24th of May 2017) as 9H3SQ. This year I use monoband wire verticals and Inverted V antennas as fallow:

  • 7MHz - Inverted V
  • 10 MHz - Inverted V
  • 14 MHz - 1/4 Vertical with four elevated radials
  • 21MHz - 1/4 Vertical with three elevated radials
  • 24 MHz - 1/4 Vertical with three elevated radials

All this antennas are supported by two 10m travel DX-Wire fiberglass poles.

TRX here is Kenwood TS480 Sat with 100W out. My favorite mode is CW, but I try to give a change also for SSB and RTTY.

Log is uploaded few times a day to Club log, so please don't duplicate QSOs. Give other Hams chance!

QSL via Home Call SQ3RX, direct, bureau or OQRS Clublog (preferred method!).

If you request QSL via OQRS Clublog, please don't send QSL card via bureau/direct. I don't need them.

For direct QSL please attach 2$ or valid IRC coupon + SAE. Direct without that will be reply via bureau.

Photos and QSL from 2016 activity.

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