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Bert H Cook

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Hi, My name is Bert. If you are looking at this info you have probably, very recently worked me on the air. My XYL, Patti and I live in a mobile home community. My station consists of 2 Yaesu FT-450 transceivers. I operate strictly barefoot, 100 Watts. The mobile home park I live in allows no "visible" outdoor antennas. Therefore my main antenna is a very unique Delta Loop, radially mounted on the outside back wall of my mobile home. It is 14 Ft. high, conforming to the peaked roof line of the house, it is 28 Ft. wide, the precise width of the house. It is fed at the bottom with a balun. My secondary antennas are an indoor 45 Ft. long Coaxial Dipole which is attached to the center ceiling beam of the house, and an indoor 11 Ft. square horizontal loop mounted around the peripheral ceiling of the radio room. It is fed with a balun at its southwest corner which gives it a nice 3db gain to VK and ZL. I have recently added a HyGain 12AVQ Vertical. I have been a ham since 1949. I am currently retired, having worked a 30 year career as a Psychiatric Nurse in Alameda County, CA. Patti and I moved here to the San Joaquin Valley in 1999, following my retirement. I am active in DXing and County Hunting, but my main activity is in contesting. I am a member of ARRL and the Northern California Contest Club. I also belong to NAQCC #2096, Flying Pigs QRP Club #1902, SOC #763 Ten-Ten #71078, SKCC #4486 and FISTS #13785. My favorite operating mode is CW. I QSL via the W6 Bureau,, eQSL and LOTW.Until we meet again, 73 and God's Blessings to you and your family. Bert, K6CSL


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