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Dmitry S. Davidenko

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 161630


I was born 06 Feb 1973.

Contest call: UW3U

Ham radiooperations since Aug 1987. Ex calls RB5QNA, US5QNA. Thanks to my father UY7QN (ex UB5QBJ, UA9JBZ, RB5QBS).

12.03-29.03.2017 operator S21ZED/S21ZEE

15.04-26.04.2016 operator EP2A

WAZ-160 (all 40) # 357. 5B WAZ # 1753 (all 200 #861) +wkd/cfm 40z on WARC. DXCC-160 # 1,911. Plaque 5B DXCC # 6,888. TPA # 948.

My QSL INFO: I answer all QSLs received.

QSL bureau request: at the moment I do not get the card via UARL( 56)by the internal conflict in it.

For bureau request please use UNGO UARL ( 33, Kiev, 01001, Ukrane) - EURA member.

US Stations: Please show your COUNTY on your card - Thanks!

US States

CFM 160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m
CW 45 40 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
SSB 24 48 X 50 50 50 48 49
RTTY 13 47 50 50 50 50 47 48

JA Stations: Please show your JCC/JCGon your card - Thanks!

My equipment:

TX/RX: 2 X IC-7700


Ant: Wire GP for 160m, Wire GP for 80m, MonstIR: 3el Yagifor 40-30m, 4el Yagi for 20-6m on 35m selfsupport tower. AD-335 Yagi 20-15-10m fixed to EU-USA

THANKS to my friend Sasha UT7UV for his help while installing it.

SO2R: Microham "MK2R+" + 2 Bandpass Filter System by W3NQN .

Also I have joint project with my friend Sasha UT7UV on his possition:


TRCVR: IC-7851,IC-7800,2 X IC-7700,IC-7300, FLEX 6700

SO2R station.

AMPs: pair of IC-PW1euro HF+6m, pair of OM-3500A + Bandpass Filters


160m: full size 4SQ array (70m high), full size wire vertical (47m high), InvV (22m high);

80m: 3 ele rotary yagi 80M3LLC by M2 (75m high), full size wire vertical (27m high);

80-20m:rotary Yagi OptiBeam OB804020@50m;

40-6m:rotary MonstrIR Yagi@27m, 40m InvV

20-6m:rotary SteppIR 4el Yagi@18m;

20-15-10m: AD-347 tribander fixed to AF@17m;

20-6m: SteppIR Yagi 3e fixed to SA@15m;

Stack 20m: 4x4x4x4 vertical stack fixed to USA (23/37/51/65m high), 4x4vertical stack fixed to JA (25/45m high);

Stack 15m:5x5x5x5 vertical stack fixed to USA (14/23/32/41m high),5x5 vertical stack fixed to JA (15/30m high);

Stack 10m:5x5x5x5 vertical (2 rotary) stack (16/21/26/31m high);

6m: 4x7elH-frame 6M7JHV yagi by M2;

K9AY RXsystem loop, ect.

Tower farms: 17,5m (57 ft), 27m (88 ft), 30m (98ft), 50m (164 ft), 75m (246 ft) self support

see it on

For sked send me e-mail. skype: dim_us5qna. ICQ: 100707555

See you on the AIR!

73! Dim, UT7UJ


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