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Patrick Dolan

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Update: In A5 but having some unexpected difficulties with radio and software. Also, propagation is not so great. May have something to do with the terrain. I'm moving around and will keep trying. Here until Jan. 13. Mainly concentrating HF cw and digital. My apologies to everyone who's been patiently waiting. Many thanks to Lee WW2DX for spending hours upon hours helping me troubleshoot. If anyone has any thoughts on how to make the FT 991A work with WSJT-X, please reach out transmit light but no PO despite having followed all suggested settings.

N2IEN will be QRV as follows:

Update: I expect tobe QRV in A5 Kingdom of Bhutan Jan. 2-14.Call will be A52PD. Will be moving around the country with aFT 991A, a TWA and Buddipole. HF, mostlyCW and digital.I will try to do 80 meters but may depend on the situation at each QTH. LOTW. Please route your paper QSL's to Rex Turvin, NR6M. GL DX!!

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Rex Turvin

18040 W Banning ST.

Casa Grande, AZ. 85193



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