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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 47474

Please do not send your QSL to the KH0-address.

As default we will QSL via bureau. Our other QSL information is:


Instructions: Send your QSL to OH6GDX withtwo green stamps or two IRCs

Status: All direct requestshave been confirmeduntil the end of 2016


Status: All logs have been uploadeduntil the end of November 2016


Status: All logs have been uploaded until theend of November 2016


Status: All logs have been uploaded until theend of November 2016


We only add the QSO's to log upon request. If you wish your QSO(s) to be added on our QRZ logbook, please send a request to the email shown in the details above.

If your call is not in the online logs, it may be one of those few we have miscopied in the heat of a contest.


AH0K is the callsign of Mariana Intrepid Contest Club.

We are located on Tinian Island, close to San Jose village in the South end of the island.

Tinian Island:
USi NI-003S
WLOTA 3108

Grid square: QK24tx

Inside the shack:

5Yaesu FT-1000MP-series radios (+ some spare MPs)

3Alpha / OM-Power automatic amplifiers(+2 spare manual tune amps)

Band pass filters for all radios, homebrewed band decoders, homebrewed automatic antenna switching & power splittingsystem, adjustable gain & band pass filtered RX-antenna preamplifiers, TX-inhibit system

Plus...a gazillion cables between all the equipment wink


160: Dipole at 18m

80: GP + 2el Inv-V beam to EU at 15m + 2el Inv-V beam to NA at 15m

40: Dipole + 2el Inv-V beam to EU at 13m + 2el Inv-V beam to NA at 13m

10/15/20: 2el SteppIR at 12m + Force C3 at 12m +Heavy Duty Spiderbeam at 12m; all rotatable

15: 2el HB9CV at 6m, rotatable

RX antennas:

EU:ZXR Lobster 160-30 + 100m Beverage

NA:ZXR Lobster 160-30 + 100m Beverage

SA:ZXR Lobster 160-30

Please work us when you hear us!

This is the station layout we use for the two running stations. Both are similar located back to back.

Bottom left: Antenna selection box. In the picure selected is 40m EU yagi (green LED is lit).

Middle left: Spiderbeam rotator control.

Top left:2 by 6 -antenna selection control box.Both stations have similar boxes that arecontrolled by band decoders (back up is manual control, the knob in the center of the box). Own band is shown by a green LED,other run bandis shown by a red LED. Automatic control (by a band decoder) is indicated by an orange LED. These boxes also take care of not transmitting on the same band by utilizing Yaesu/Elecraft TX inhibit system. If both stations are on the same band, the LED's at both stations are orange and the TX inhibit signal is sent to the radios.

In the middle you can see an RF power meter, located on top ofthe band decoder. Logging computer and CW paddleare in the front.

Bottom right: Yaesu FT-1000MP (we have several of these of different versions, all equipped with roofing filters and adequate IF filters).

On top of the radio:

2el 15m rotator control and on top of it a CW keyer control (homebrewed some 30 years ago).

ZXR LBA1160/80/40/30 band passfiltered preamplifier with 0-25db adjustable gain for low band RX. On top of it isan ICE band pass filter. Both of these are controlled by the band decoder. Change band on the radio or in N1MM and everything at the station follows the change. Easy!

Following pictures show the operators and results since 2012.


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