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QSL: Qsl Manager = ON7YK

Andre Bourbon

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 215628

The only resident licensed operator here in The Gambia !

For all FT8 contacts :

How I handle the Pile Up on FT8 mode. see my webpage :

My computer is clocked on the NTP server from Meinberg via African internet.

Last info about my activity see on my blog :

My QSL policy , read it before you send me a qsl card :

  • please read the qsl information and be sure that your call is in my online logbook !!!!!!
  • If you are not in the online logbook than there was no valid ( complete) QSO !!!!!!!
  • IRC's will not more accepted !!! ( to many problems with the postoffice )
  • No QSL or logbook request via !

Logsearch : Logsearch Webpage !!!!!! Logbook Updated the day after our Qso !!!!!!!!!

Qsl Manager for all QSL = ON7YK

  • Be aware that some qsl-cards are lost or even stolen by post employees. When you send a qsl card to me NEVER use your call sign are my call sign on the letter . Just put my adress on the S.A.S.E . Also close the letter with a tape . ----- I don't send twice my qsl card when the letter is lost in that case.

To all ham's :

I make a collection of all Gambian call sign , used since the beginning of ham radio activity in The Gambia.
Started with the call signs : ZD3.. ( old Gambian dxcc ) and later with C5...

Are you the owner of a real Gambian callsign, would it be possible to send me a digital copy of the front of the QSL card, or by normal post is also possible to my qsl manager,see adress below.

My sincere thanks to all the ham's for their help.

Owner of the first C5 6M EME QSO !!

  • Hamspirit my friends is very important. So please respect The DX CODE of CONDUCT.
  • My station is NOT a DX EXPEDITION !!!!!!!!!!!
  • And there are still many weak stations want to work me, for some C5 is still a new one, especially outside EU.
  • So let us enjoy amateurradio worldwide !!!!!!!!!!!

QSL Information and rules, how I do QSL :

  • First by :E'qsl
  • Second by : LoTW (Update Monthly)
  • Third by:Direct (see info below)
  • Last by : the bureau .( but that can take a very long time)
  • For Direct : Info on see ON7YK
  • For qsl direct please send a SAE :
  • Belgium post office increase there post tax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Two(2) US dollars will pay for return postage in Europe for 1 card .
    Two(2) US dollars are needed for outside Europe for 1 card .
  • I have a number of direct cards who have not enclosed either dollars or SAE.
    I have already stated that if no postage or SAE is sent with your card I will treat your card as a bureau request.
  • Please on your qsl card the time of the qso in UTC
  • Use only green stamps
  • If the qsl is confirmd for band x I don't send a second card for the same band, except the mode is different.
  • E'qsl will be confirmd with E'qsl.
  • If you send a Qsl card this will be confirmd with a qsl card.

Greetings from The Gambia and 73' de C5YK


The information shown here comes from If you are this callsign owner and want to update or remove this information, please do it directly at