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Colin Wilson

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Chris G3VHB and myself about to lift the ACOM LS1210 to the top of the mast

Thanks for looking me up here on QRZ.COM. This site covers both CT7ACG and thecall CR5CW.

Once again will be taking partin the IOTA contest activating EU-145 Island of Culatra from the ISN boat shed near to thelighthouse at Farolin the Algarve province group with callsign CR5CW over thelast weekend ofJuly 2017. The team this years will be Charlie GI4FUE, Cliff CT7ACG. David G3UNA, Rob M0KPD and myself, there may also be one or two local CT stations joining us too. We will have two active transmit stations under the new category.QSL via CT7ACG please. Log will be uploaded to LOTW. In 2016 we submitted our log with over 1.8m points not a winning score but we did okay!

Please visit our website for our 2017 entry information and meet the team. We will be active for the two days on 6m also activating the island EU-145 with luck conditions will be good!

My station at home- running an FT2000, SPE Expert amp with 1KW to new addition to my antenna's this year is an ACOM LS1210 (12 el Log Periodicantenna with a 32 ft boom at 55ft) the workhorse of the station. For the low bands we have an EA fandipole (covers 80-10m) and a Butternut HF2V for 80 and 40 an inverted L for160m and our latest edition for 40m DX'ing is a 2 El mono band yagi.I use HRD for controlling the rig and amp but this is also my log which I upload to the LOTW on a regular basis as well as realtime to the HRD log. I am now QRV on 6m with a 5el yagi at 45ft the beam is normally towards Europe.

I am QRV on 60m on the following frequencies: 5371.5/5288.5/5403.5/5380.5KHz. Modes are J3E and A1A using a FT857D and a simple inverted V dipole.

We enjoy contesting and participate in IOTA, CQWW SSB and CW, BERU, ARRL 10m DX Contests and many others from time to time! Curently chasing WAS and DXCC. Please upload your QSO with me to LOTW, thanks.smiley


Thanks for dropping by and for your time,this time and until next time best 73 fom the Algarve and Ilook forward to working you further down the log. Here was my shack 3 years ago we have since improved the working space somewhat as shown in the pictures above. There is also a picture of me here operating from Grenada as J38CW in the 2009 and 2010 BERU (Commonwealth) contest which we won 2 Gold medals as part of the ROTW team my thanks to the team for making this possible. I hope one day to join them again from some far flung island or the likes! RSGB, FISTS #14065, CDXC and OMISS member #9786.

2009/2010 BERU Contest Grenada J38CW


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