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Michael (Mike) Selent

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 30881

DOK: E38 Sued Stormarn

(please excuse self spotting by WWFF activations! But I work with 100W SSB accu power. When I calling all the time the accu is down before anyoneresponse...wink)

Portable activity 2017

DG5LAC/p 15of Nov. DLFF-0479Lampertheimer Altrhein
DG5LAC/p 14 of Nov. DLFF-0480 Steinerwald bei Nordheim
DLFF-313 Wallnau at Island Fehmarn EU-128 (stormy wink) DLFF-314 Krummsteert,Island Fehmarn EU-128 (after a big storm but cold and windy :-) DLFF-479Lampertheimer Altrhein
HyEndFed Antenna on 15m Fiberglass mast (K, VA, VK, JA) ATAS 120 A on metall fence (unbelievable to work K and VA with this setup) HyEndFed Antenna 80, 40, 20, 10m extra short at 18m Spiderbeam Pole

30 of OctoberDLFF-314 Krummsteert,Island Fehmarn EU-128

27 of OctoberDLFF-312Gruener Brink,Island Fehmarn EU-128

OZ/DG5LAC, 30th Sept to 6th Oct. Island FanoEU-125, OZFF-004Wadden Sea

3th to 6th of Sept. Island Oland EU-042, DLFF-0013, LH ARLHS FED-174, DE0023

29/30 of July IOTA ContestIslandHooge EU-42, DLFF-13 Wadden Sea

canceled! Monday afternoon UTC 15 May I try to activate DLFF-0414 Sued Harz during a company trip.

3th of May DLFF-313 Wallnau at Island Fehmarn EU-128

DG5LAC/p, 26.Aprilafternoon twoactivations one after another:

1. WWFF DLFF-0256Pennewitzer Teiche-Unteres Wohlrosetal (12:25 - 13:10 UTC)
2. WWFF DLFF-0291 Schwarzatal (14:30 - 15:10 UTC)

DG5LAC/p, 24.Aprilafternoon WWFF DLFF-0350 Lange Roehn(new, first time!)

QSL: I upload to LotW, eqsl, clublog, and WWFF logsearch.If you likepaper qsl, please send me your qslor useclublog oqrs below.

I am happy to getqsl cards from all DX-Stations and answer all incoming!

Weather in Hamburg

Find more about Weather in Hamburg Airport, DL Rig:
Beam GXP-Antennas 3ele 20, 17, 15, 12, 10m/2ele 30/40m 15m over groundat roof top
Vertical Cushcraft R9, Windom 42m
Icom IC-7300, HEIL Mic HM-10 (HC4), digital RX noice reducer "Lingua Sprachextrator"
RFpower HVLA 1K3 Solid State PA

Portable activity

2016 DG5LAC/p, 23th Aug afternoon(short time) WWFF DLFF-0390Heide und Moorwald am Filzteich (new, first time!)
2016 DG5LAC/p, 29thto 31th July2016, IOTA Contest Island HoogeIOTA EU-042,WWFF DLFF-0013 Wadden Sea
2016 EA8/DG5LAC, 28th May to 10th June. Island Fuerteventura AF-004 and WWFF EAFF-191Isl. Fuerteventura, WLOTA 0883
2016 DG5LAC/p, 17th May afternoon(short time) WWFF DLFF-346 Gmuender Au(new, first time!)
2016 DG5LAC/p, 30th April to 6th May 2016, Island Amrum IOTA EU-042, WLOTA 2464,WWFF DLFF-242 Amrumer Dunes (new! first time)
2016 DG5LAC/p, 5th April afternoon (short time) WWFF DLFF-254 Rodachtal
2016 DG5LAC/p, 4th April afternoon (short time) WWFF DLFF-203 Gleichberge
2015OZ/DG5LAC, 26th Sept to 2th Oct. Island Romo EU-125, OZFF-004Wadden Sea
2014 DG5LAC/p 29th December DLFF-081 Nature Park Lueneburger Heide
2014 DG5LAC/p 28th December DLFF-192 Beach Landscape between Privall and Barendorf, Baltic Sea
2014 DG5LAC/p 9th December afternoon DLFF-260 Old Donau incl. Brenne
2014 DG5LAC/p 21th October afternoon DLFF-147 Leinawald
2014 DG5LAC/p 20th October afternoon DLFF-194Aschbachtal
2014 DG5LAC/p 12th October afternoon DLFF-190Boberger Niederung
2014 OZ/DG5LAC, 27th Sept to 3th Oct. Island Romo EU-125, OZFF-004Wadden Sea (short time OZFF-065/066)
2014 DG5LAC/p 9th September afternoon DLFF-070Hoher Flaemming
2014 DG5LAC/p 8th September afternoon DLFF-167 Nature Reserve Moenchbruch (first time activation!)
2014 DG5LAC/p 4th September afternoon DLFF-264 Nature Park Sonnenberg (first time activation!)
2014 DG5LAC/p 2th September afternoon DLFF-142Doeberitzer Heide
2014 DG5LAC/p 25/26th August afternoon DLFF-130 Nature Park Unteres Saaletal
2014 DG5LAC/p 13th August afternoon WWFF DLFF-153Nature Reserve Saale-Elster-Aue bei Halle
2014 DG5LAC/p, 26th to 30 July. Island Fehmarn EU-128 (incl. IOTA Contest)WLOTA 0637
2014 DG5LAC/p 15th July afternoon/evening WWFF DLFF-144Charlottenhofer Weihergebiet
2014 DG5LAC/p 17th June afternoon/evening WWFF DLFF-204 Vessertal(first time activation ! )
2014 EA8/DG5LAC, 10th to 24th May. Island Fuerteventura AF-004 and WWFF EAFF-191Isl. Fuerteventura, WLOTA 0883
2014 DG5LAC/p 18th March afternoon/evening WWFF DLFF-176Pfatterer Au
2013 OU1RAEM, 15/16th Oct. Island Sjaelland EU-029, short time activation 100 W only! (qsl via DF5LW)
2013 OU1RAEM, 28th Sept to 4th Oct. Island Romo EU-125 and WWFF OZFF-004 Vadehavet (qsl via DF5LW)
2013 DG5LAC/p, 24th Sept WWFF DLFF-068Nature Park Hoch Taunus
2013 DG5LAC/p, 25th Sept WWFF DLFF-100 Rhein-Taunus
2013 DG5LAC/p, 27/28th Aug WWFF DLFF-124 Nature Park Black Forest South
2013 DG5LAC/p, 27th Jul to 9th Aug Isl. Juist EU-047, part time DLFF-010 National Park Lower Saxony Wadden Sea
2013 DG5LAC/p, 15th July WWFF DLFF-036 Nature Park Altmuehltal
2013 DG5LAC/p, 04th June WWFF DLFF-185 Nature Reserve Sacrower See und Koenigswald
2013 DG5LAC/p, 27/28th May WWFF DLFF-056 Nature Park Erzgebirge/Vogtland
2012 OZ/DG5LAC, 06th Oct. to 12th Oct, Island Vendsyssel-Thy IOTA EU-171
2012 OZ/DG5LAC, 29th Sept. to 05th Oct, Island Langeland IOTA EU-172, WLOTA 0590, ARLHS DEN-023
2012 DG5LAC/p, 11th to 24th Aug, WWFF DLFF-013 "National Park and Nature Reserve Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea"
2012 DG5LAC/p, 27th to 29th July, IOTA Contest, Island Usedom IOTA EU-129, WFF DLFF-075, WLOTA 1640
2011 OZ/DG5LAC, 22th to 28th Oct, IOTA Vendsyssel-Thy (AKA North Jutland) IOTA EU-171
2011 DG5LAC/p, 20th to 26th August, Island Amrum IOTA EU-042, WLOTA 2464
2011 OZ/DG5LAC, 29th to 31th July(including Iota Contest ), Denmark, Island Bjorno IOTA EU-172
2011 OZ/DG5LAC, 13th to 19th May, IOTA Vendsyssel-Thy (AKA North Jutland) IOTA EU-171
2010 OZ/DG5LAC,16th to 21th May, IOTA Langeland EU-172.
2010 OZ/DG5LAC, 7th to 14th Aug, IOTA Mon EU-029
2010 OZ/DG5LAC,9th to 15th OctoberIOTA Vendsyssel-Thy (AKA North Jutland) IOTA EU-171
2009 DG5LAC/p, 17th to 21th May, Island Usedom IOTA EU-129, WLOTA 1640

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