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Dale A Christopherson

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The Shack.

In the late 1970's, while in the U.S. Army, I got involved in communication jamming (AN/TLQ-17, AN/TLQ-15 (an ultimate Ham RIG for HF) and the AN/GLQ-3 & 3B. Of course using these systems meant using other radio systems for communications. 1980's I was then involved in training how to use these systems. I simply loved it. At that time I became aware of MARS and Ham Radio. I always wanted to get into it but the cost to me was prohibitive.

Roll forward to 2014, the thoughts were still there and as I began to ponder retirement (~10 years) and what I would do with my time if I retired to the Philippines since my wife is from the Philippines I finally got it through my head that hunting and fishing was not going to happen. Emergency Communications through Ham Radio due to Typhoon Yolanda became a focus point. Why? My wifeis fromLeyte which was in the direct path of this ver strong storm.

So I got my Technican license in the fall of 2014. But that was not good enough. HF is what I would need and mastery of digital modes for HF. Thus in early December 2014 I got my General License. December 12, 2015 I got my Extra Class.

I also have a license for the Philippines for when I travel there on buiness and vacation. DU1/KE0BRZ and a lifetime international member of the Philippines Amatuer Radio Association

I am a member of SKYWARN, ARES and getting more involved in EMCOMM since that is my real passion. I only wish I had more time but when I retire that wish will be granted.


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